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an earphone that is inserted into the ear canal

a plug of cotton, wax, or rubber that is fitted into the ear canal for protection against the entry of water or loud noise

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Ear protection is, and should be, an integral part of the prudent shooter's regimen--and the wise retailer's firearms accessory sales program.
I figured a shot or two without ear protection couldn't do much harm.
This ear protection consists of a flexible rubber neckband which one hardly knows is being worn.
Managers of food or drink processing areas must also protect the products from mislaid ear protection that can get into the process because foreign matter contamination can trigger expensive product recalls.
How is it that they also have no proper muzzle blast suppressor for shooters' ear protection and environmental peace?
The PPE Market in Nordic Region market can be divided on the basis of product into following segments: Protective Clothing, Hand Protection Equipment, Foot Protection Equipment, Respiratory Protection Equipment, Fall Protection Equipment, Skin Protection Equipment, Eye Protection Equipment, Ear Protection Equipment, and Head Protection Equipment.
The 60-year-old, from Gosforth, Newcastle, says he was never provided with ear protection despite being surrounded by hammering, compressed air guns, ratchets, spanners and the loud noise from bus engines.
Jones said, is to have workers wear ear protection, such as ear muffs or earplugs.
Preserve your hearing by wearing ear protection while working or playing in loud environments.
Forgetting about safety: The most important things you can have on a job site for your own personal safety are goggles to protect your eyes; ear protection to protect your hearing; and gloves to protect your hands from splinters, nails, etc.
EAR protection devices designed by Warwickshire College students could soon be on sale at stores across the world.
Blocking or reducing noise through ear protection has broader physiological impact than just preserving hearing, she says.
National charity Deafness Research UK's award-winning Bionic Ear roadshow will be visiting the Wrexham Science Festival on Thursday, July 26 to deliver interactive performances, designed to emphasise the importance of ear protection and ensure hearing health messages do not fall on deaf ears.
I've shot firearms for over 50 years, and I did not always use ear protection until 20 years ago.
Pilots also need to wear ear protection because the engine is very loud.