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the fleshy pendulous part of the external human ear


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Kahn can now take ear lobes that have been stretched or torn due to the use of large spacers/jewelry and, in one affordable outpatient procedure, surgically repair them for a clean, normal look (after healing).
American Monte Pierce stretched his ear lobes as a child by pulling them down.
If you want to know what colour the eggs will be, check the hen's ear lobes.
White shelled eggs are produced by hens with white feathers and white ear lobes while brown shelled eggs are produced by hens with red feathers and red ear lobes.
Now squeeze your ear lobes between your thumb and index fingers and pull them down firmly for a count of three then release and repeat three times.
He ripped her ear rings off causing her ear lobes to be ripped right through and also ripped her necklace from around her neck, she added.
They say: "With the first two fingers of each hand, gently rub beneath the jawbone, starting from behind the ear lobes, finishing below the centre of the chin.
The lesions typically are located on the ear lobes and nipples, which are sites that attract ticks, and most often are marginal zone lymphomas.
The camera work was as shaky as it gets - close-ups of people's ear lobes aren't that interesting - and the acting was not convincing.
I must have very delicate ear lobes, probably due to squashing them inside vicious clip-on earrings for the past half century.
Could be that your nostrils, ear lobes, digits--all those parts of your body that form mirror images of each other--don't really measure up with perfect symmetry.
Your ear lobes will quiver, And you'll smell like a trout
Cold nibbled at his fingertips, ear lobes and nostrils.
Billy also enjoys biting visitors' ear lobes, chewing his person's hair when she's trying to go to sleep and sitting on the belongings of anyone he particularly likes and refusing to move, so they can never, ever leave.
Wrinkly Ear Lobes/ Heart Disease A diagonal crease or wrinkle in your ear lobe could be an early sign of heart disease.