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This dual mechanism helps explain earlier animal research conducted by the team that showed the vaccine could be used as a either a preventative or a treatment for ear infections, which are commonly treated with antibiotics.
Dr Medhat Abu Shaaban, consultant on the Paediatrics and Allergy American Board, said there are many reasons that cause cold and flu, sore throat and ear infection to spread at the beginning of the year.
The primary cause of recurrent middle ear infections is thought to be a dysfunction in the Eustachian tube, a narrow tube that extends from the middle ear to the nasopharynx.
Shapiro and Bhattacharyya identified cases of frequent otitis media (defined in the survey as three or more ear infections in the previous 12 months), respiratory allergy, and seizures.
But a new study suggests that children who often get serious ear infections (bad enough to require medication) are twice as likely to become obese later in life than kids with healthier ears.
Every year, the back-to-school cough, cold, and flu season among older children leads to an epidemic of toddler ear infections, countless nights without sleep, and many days of missed work and school.
PEOPLE who have their tonsils removed or suffer ear infections as a child are more likely to be obese in adulthood, studies suggest.
Although my children have never had ear infections they could completely relate to being sick with other ailments and visiting the doctor.
Written by pediatrician Charlotte Cowan, The Little Elephant with the Big Earache is a children's picturebook dealing with the subject of ear infections in terms young readers age 2-7 can understand.
Doctors write more antibiotic prescriptions for ear infections than any other childhood ailment - about 15 million a year in the United States - even though 80 percent of ear infections will clear up on their own if left untreated.
The Sahara Dry Ear ($99) is a new portable ear-drying device designed to remove moisture from the outer ear canal, which can be associated with ear infections.
Middle ear infections, known as "glue ear" or otitis media, affect seven in 10 children before the age of 10.
Ear infections with rods are less common but much more problematic.
While ear infections are somewhat uncommon in healthy adult dogs and cats, they are more likely in puppies and kittens and still have the potential to occur throughout any point in their lifespan.
com)-- L-Mesitran Soft is effective when treating ear infections in dogs, even antibiotic resistant bacteria are effectively killed.