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the membrane in the ear that vibrates to sound

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html) LA Times , ear drum could rupture due to several causes, like a loud sound or a change in pressure.
As the ear drum walls off the middle ear, there is no role of ear drops.
In some cases though, instead of the normal healing process the skin of the ear drum can grow through the hole into the middle ear.
The middle ear canal was widened and nearby cartilage and muscle tissue was used to create a healthier, stronger ear drum.
The perforations of the ear drums likely occurred as a result of the sudden heating and expansion of air around the current, leading to pressure waves.
Fluid can collect behind the ear drum in the middle ear.
Sound waves are directed into the ear canal, where they bounce off the ear drum.
First of all, they mitigate the potential for long-term damage that often results from exposing the ear drum to audio at high decibels over prolonged periods of time.
Justin Bieber busted his ear drum while cliff jumping and might need a surgery soon to save his hearing skills.
Miss Barker said Mr Knipe, who suffered ringing in one of his ears, was initially treated for cuts but was later diagnosed with a perforated ear drum - an injury which affected his studies.
So many hard rock bands have the nasty habit of masking any musical blemishes with screaming vocals and ear drum splitting power chords.
It is treated with antibiotics and sometimes needs a temporary small tube in the ear drum.
The operation is called a mirongoplasty and basically they take skin and make a new ear drum.
Unlike cochlear implants and hearing aids, which use microphones, the Esteem uses the natural ear drum and eliminates background noise.
The candle generates a soft suction which creates a chimney effect vibrating the air near the ear drum and so giving it a gentle massage.