Eamon de Valera

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Irish statesman (born in the United States)


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For Gray, this was a chance to stir up political resentment of Eamon de Valera in the U.
Nowhere was this latter point more evident than at the time when Sean Lemass finally succeeded Eamon de Valera as party leader and Taoiseach in 1959.
They talk about the oratory of Brendan Behan, Eamon de Valera, Michael Collins.
The last time the Seanad voted against a Government Bill Eamon de Valera was Taoiseach so it is not surprising the Seanad did not block the plans.
He also recounts the build-up to the Civil War and the roles of Eamon de Valera and British prime minister David Lloyd George.
FORMER Irish President Eamon De Valera was a big rugby fan who spent decades urging the GAA to drop their controversial ban on foreign sports.
Ai nid yr union gyhuddiadau yna a ddefnyddiwyd i ddisgrifio Padraig Pearse, Eamon De Valera ac eraill o arweinyddion gwrthryfel yr Iwerddon?
Also on This Day: 1562: Kissing in publicwas banned in Naples, contravention being punishable by death; 1763: Birth of politician and author William Cobbett; 1881: Birth of Labour politician Ernest Bevin: 1891: Southern England swept by great snowstorms; 1892: Birth of the novelist, David Garnett; 1932: Eamon de Valera became president of the Irish Free State; 1937: George Orwell's examination of life during the Depression in the north of England, The Road To Wigan Pier, was published; 1961: The USSR sent Laika, the first dog to go into space, into orbit in Sputnik 9.
But in 1918 Eamon de Valera and Michael Collins campaign for Sinn Fein in the general election.
Mr Justice Eamon de Valera granted an application on behalf of the council to quash the judge's decision.
MacEntee was a complex man who came to know Eamon de Valera when they were both in Dartmoor prison.
One of its most controversial evenings was when former Eire Premier Eamon De Valera attempted to explain why he had not allowed British submarines into Irish ports during the war, to be greeted with cries of ``traitor'' and ``shame'' from the normally sedate business club membership.
A R `L gwrthryfel 1916 yng Ngweriniaeth yr Iwerddon penderfynodd Eamon de Valera, arweinydd y wlad, mai Michael Collins oedd y dyn i fynd i Lundain i gynrychioli y wlad mewn trafodaethau am hunan lywodraeth.
JOHN Bruton was caught up in a political storm after accusing former President Eamon De Valera of accepting a bribe of a gold watch.