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a chair designed by Charles Eames

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Apart from the Eames chair, it is also famous forbeing behind such design classics such as the Aeron chair and the Noguchi table, while also giving us the office cubicle.
Each room has an Eames chair, a flat-screen television, four two-line phones with data ports, laptop rechargers, and DVD and CD players.
The Eames chair sequence is amusing, but it concerns analysts' power more than boundaries.
buy an Eames chair, be room mates with Keith Richard, and calm down.
By smashing together the classic and iconic image of the Eames chair with the nonconformist, bold vision of street art, we hope to present a unique opportunity to art and design enthusiasts while shinning a light on the important work of OPERATION DESIGN," said Billi Kid.
THE Eames chair and ottoman is a design classic, but most reproductions will set you back a fortune.
Another piece which Dick cites as a key one is the iconic Eames chair which, he says, they have sold more of this year than ever before.
Rather than trying to create a museum in your living room, the key is to mix contemporary items with genuine pieces from the era, such as an Eames chair, Stag furniture or Rotaflex lampshade, as well as retro-inspired replicas.
Cutting-edge elements with a natural bent, such as sustainable bamboo flooring and a custom-made resin door embedded with bear grass, are mellowed by the era-appropirate vintage Eames chair in the corner.
Original designer pieces, such as her own treasures, an Eames chair or a Castiglioni lamp, can be picked up for a song.
Many mid-century pieces such as t he Eames chair have never gone out of production and are still available new today.
There's nothing more boring than the typical idea of beauty, like taking an Eames chair and a contemporary beach house and photographing some pouty model in front of it.
uk Ruby red bedding, from pounds 25, Au Naturale Eames chair, pounds 348.
Le Quement likes to quote Charles Eames, designer of the famed Eames chair and much more.