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King of England who was renounced by Northumbria in favor of his brother Edgar (died in 959)


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How much truth there is in this tale there is no way of knowing, because its first surviving appearance is in the earliest life of St Dunstan, written 40 years or so after the event, and Eadwig and Dunstan were bitter enemies, but it kept Eadwig's memory alive for centuries.
hand, power', again 'instead of' the grammatical feminine suffix represented by <e>: <Eadmundes swurdbora> 'Eadmund's swordbearer', <Eadmundes kynges> 'of King Eadmund', <pa feng Eadwig to rice, Eadmundes sunu kinges> 'then came to power Eadwig, King Eadmund's son', <hi waeron Eadmundes suna cyningas> 'they were sons of King Eadmund' (and numerous instances of forms such as <Seint Eadmundes byrig> 'Bury St.
Kings Eadwig and Edgar had kept England fairly safe from the assaults of the Vikings between 955 and 975, but, despite the relative peace, there was always a fear that the Danes in northern England, the Viking-controlled region known as the Danelaw, could either invade or ally with incoming new raiders.
The lost Thunreslea near Southampton in Hampshire is recorded within the bounds of a grant of land at Millbrook by King Eadwig to Wulfric in 956.
Exeter Cathedral was staffed by secular clerks whereas Eadwig, at least in his maturity, was a Benedictine monk.