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military action involving the use of electromagnetic energy to determine or exploit or reduce or prevent hostile use of the electromagnetic spectrum

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10 lakh for admission of children in EWS category in prominent with the school administration," Yadav said.
EWS has additionally had its end products tested with lab reports available for viewing by prospective customers.
The study involved sequencing the complete normal and cancer genomes of 112 EWS patients, including children, teenagers and young adults.
In addition to this valuable source of information, EWS is also in the process of monitoring the sports betting market and establishing a wealth of intelligence on sports betting through its own researches and those of specialist research companies and organisations around the world.
A national newspaper report said EWS - English Welsh and Scottish Railway - began serious talks with officials from DB over a month ago.
Originally detected through cytogenetic analyses, the reciprocal translocation t(11;22) (p13;q12) that results in the fusion of EWS and WT1 genes has been a consistently reported feature of DSRCT.
The EWS 100 is an important factor in our ability to offer our customers a high-quality wireless mesh networking service," said Frank McCarthy, president of Citi Wifi Networks.
EWS moves more than 100m tons of freight every year and operates freight trains through the Channel Tunnel.
David Mathew, EWS general manager metals, said: "This achievement has been delivered through the joint approach between EWS and Corus to plan and operate a robust train delivery service.
For the last eight weeks of EWS, communications officers attend the Marine Corps' C4I Planners' Course.
EWS and the Rail Maritime and Transport Union attacked the decision, which they said would leave 500 jobs nationwide under threat, including 30 in Newcastle and Carlisle.
Having fallen asleep, the driver of the EWS coal train woke up briefly and mistakenly accepted that a proceed signal applied to his own train, the report from the Health and Safety Executive said yesterday.
Fusion proteins containing the same N-terminal portion of EWS also are created by translocations in several other tumor types.
The EWS 2013 Fashion Model of the Year will receive an exclusive one-year photography contract from Empire West Studios worth over $15,000.
Houses for EWS have been sanctioned under the Affordable Housing in Partnership component of PMAY.