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A novel perfusion imaging technique of the pancreas: contrast-enhanced harmonic EUS (with video)," Gastrointestinal Endoscopy, vol.
The researchers found that EUS had an accuracy of 80%, a sensitivity of 71%, and a specificity of 88%, whereas the pancreatic juice IL-8 concentration marker had an accuracy of 71%, a sensitivity of 47%, and a specificity of 93%.
Overall accuracy was 57% for individual EUS T stage lesions and 50% for N stage lesions.
Cook Medical's EchoTip Ultra([R]) line of needles are the world's leading endoscopic ultrasound needles and are widely used for obtaining cytological and histological samples by EUS," said Barry Slowey, global business unit leader for Cook Medical's Endoscopy division, the industry's only full-line supplier of endoscopic devices.
For years, we have used the PENTAX-Hitachi EUS platform due to its high quality imaging and performance for driving quality patient care.
EUS detected a 4-mm common bile duct stone that was not identified by ERCP, the standard for the study's comparison.
the Asterisk[R] Company, today announced that telephony integration partner EUS Networks has completed and deployed an Asterisk-powered IP telephony solution for trading room floors for a hedge fund client in the asset management industry.
Although it is less accurate than other methods in finding metastases, EUS has a range of ontology applications.
New EUS needles offer enhanced visibility and imaging quality to diagnose gastrointestinal disorders
We are pleased to have received clearance from FDA for EUS administration of TNFerade," stated Mark Thornton, M.
Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and is waiting for final clearance to move forward with EUS administration.