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Turn hastalann ozellikleri, EUS bulgulan ve EUS-IIAB sonucunda elde edilen patoloji sonuclan Tablo 1'de gorulmektedir.
Pungpapong and his associates combined the findings of the two tests, the sensitivity and specificity increased to 82% (either EUS or IL-8 positive) and 100% (both EUS and IL-8 positive), respectively.
All EUS and ERCP reports were obtained, and data were collected on all biliary abnormalities identified.
Bentrem told this newspaper that the earlier study included the institution's first 50 patients who underwent EUS followed by resection, and thus there was a "higher degree of scrutiny for these first patients.
Enhanced Patient Satisfaction - EUS offers patients a less invasive treatment compared to surgical interventions, and procedure times may be shorter.
We have had a very successful twenty-year relationship with PENTAX, and together we will continue to innovate and bring our most advanced platform to the EUS community," added T.
The EUS technique involved advancing the catheter through the biopsy channel to the papilla, pulling the probe out, and then going in to image the whole bile duct.
EUS detected a 4-mm common bile duct stone that was not identified by ERCP, the standard for the study's comparison.
the Asterisk[R] Company, today announced that telephony integration partner EUS Networks has completed and deployed an Asterisk-powered IP telephony solution for trading room floors for a hedge fund client in the asset management industry.
As a leading innovator of EUS technology, Olympus is committed to helping our customers help their patients, using state of the art endoscopic ultrasound imaging and diagnostic tools," commented Patrick MacCarthy, Vice President of Marketing for the Endoscopy Division of Olympus America.
Although it is less accurate than other methods in finding metastases, EUS has a range of ontology applications.
New EUS needles offer enhanced visibility and imaging quality to diagnose gastrointestinal disorders
We are pleased to have received clearance from FDA for EUS administration of TNFerade," stated Mark Thornton, M.
EUS will provide a state-of-the-art system which includes the licensed technology from M3i Systems, Inc.
Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and is waiting for final clearance to move forward with EUS administration.