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Synonyms for protocol

Synonyms for protocol

strict observance of social conventions

Synonyms for protocol

forms of ceremony and etiquette observed by diplomats and heads of state

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code of correct conduct

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The Commissioner should leave health issues to individual countries as envisaged under EU protocol and let them handle their own affairs.
Excellent sensitivity, high dynamic range and mass accuracy, meeting the performance requirements established in EU protocol SANCO/12495/2011
1999: Parliament's right to restore the death penalty ended, as MPs signed up to an EU protocol.
Most countries have based their import regulations on the EU protocol, but there is an alternative route to Dubai and the Far East through the USA.
He wanted the Greek flag that hangs at the entrance of the tavern removed because EU protocol did not allow a single flag at an eating establishment; all 27 EU flags had to be flown, he claimed.