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Synonyms for privacy

Synonyms for privacy

the quality of being secluded from the presence or view of others

the condition of being concealed or hidden

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Make no mistake, a decision to ignore an important EU directive together with unequivocal ministerial advice is a "policy decision" that our councillors should have made having been provided with clear unprejudiced advice from council officers, and is not a "technical issue" for unelected Council employees to make.
Recycling, though not yet widely used in E/E products, is one potential solution to recent EU directives on end-of-life recovery.
The EU directive on RoHS is just part of an ever-increasing push for more environmentally sound manufacturing policies.
Some 40 professional organisations from the renewable energy industry and environmental NGOs issued a statement on April 7 calling for an EU Directive on renewable heating and cooling, a "neglected giant" in their view.
One example of over-elaboration is an EU directive on the labelling of air conditioners where 2,409 words became 7,504 words when it became law in the UK.
warned that lives could be put at risk by the delay in implementing an EU directive which is designed to give consumers greater protection.
Major topics covered include ECJ cases, harmonization progress, digital sales and the EU, cross-border mergers and the EU Directive, and VAT legislation.
The Commission reportedly plans to take Finland to the European Court for failing to follow the EU directive for packaging waste.
The Caymans authority fears significant parts of its financial services industry could move elsewhere because of the EU directive.
The drivers want a pay rise to compensate for loss of income caused by an EU directive limiting overtime.
But little nations should not be the ones to kill the EU Directive.
The ruling was in response to a case brought by the Netherlands, Italy and Norway claiming that the EU directive permitting patents on parts of human beings, such as gene sequences, should be nullified because of its violation of human dignity and integrity.
JT, which owns Mild Seven, the world's second-largest cigarette brand, said the EU directive would preclude JT and JTI from benefiting in Europe from the acquired intellectual property established in the Mild Seven trademark.
The EU Directive provides a framework for European data-protection law, and it is intended to set a floor for the protection of person al information among the 15 EU member states.