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Synonyms for privacy

Synonyms for privacy

the quality of being secluded from the presence or view of others

the condition of being concealed or hidden

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Telecommunication companies are facing a technical challenge in complying with this EU directive - notably data quality, security, audit capability and confidentiality requirements," said Hermann Wimmer, Teradata vice president of Europe, Middle East and Africa.
The transposition of the EU Directive will see the rights of victims clearly set out and further strengthened.
Caerphilly council officers appear to have withheld these important ministerial "policy letters" from our elected councillors and decided, behind closed doors, to continue with the soon-to-be-outlawed co-mingling of waste in defiance of the EU directive and advice of government ministers, instead of allowing our elected councillors to decide on this important policy issue at full council.
The EU directive was issued as a result of a court case brought before the European Court of Justice by citizens claiming reimbursement for health care costs incurred from a member state other than the one they had been insured in.
This way, collecting consents is not only about satisfying the EU directive, but also about reinforcing business critical user-trust and knowing the choices and true preferences of website users.
Be that as it may, the new EU directive should come as good news for North Wales residents concerned about the growing number of heavy lorries on the A55 and other major roads.
And said that it was "baffling" that the UK had not already backed the EU Directive on Human Trafficking because "none of the individual measures will be any serious problem for the UK".
The Royal College of Surgeons has conducted a survey and reports that "in excess of 80%" of all surgeons now agree that the implementation of this EU directive into UK law has "damaged quality of care".
Moreover, these actors effectively influenced the implementation of the Environmental policies, rather than their political culture of conforming to every EU Directive as Falkner et al (2005) argue.
Sir, I was very interested to read your article on batteries and the EU directive on recycling (The Grocer, 30 August, p35), although slightly surprised this is only now being addressed.
That loophole will be closed when an EU directive on infant formula comes into force in the UK in January.
It is threatening action at the European Court of Justice against these countries for not complying with an EU directive on professional drivers training that insists upon 280 hours compulsory basic training and 35 hours further training every five years.
European rules on the quality and size of wood were axed yesterday - the first EU Directive to be repealed under a new crackdown on red tape.
EU Directive 2000/53/EC on end-of-life vehicles stipulates that vehicle manufacturers and their material and component suppliers must try to reduce use of hazardous substances when designing vehicles.
The result is likely to be that products sold in the United States will be in compliance with the EU directive, as U.