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ESST (m) Score Session 1 Session 2 p-Value Mean [+ or -] SD 23.
Abbreviations: AD = Active Duty, BAMC = Brooke Army Medical Center, CI = confidence interval, ESST = Edgren Side Step Test, HUC = Human Use Committee, IAT = Illinois Agility Test, ICC = interclass correlation coefficient, IRB = Institutional Review Board, MDC = minimal detectable change, SD = standard deviation, SEM = standard error of measurement, SM = servicemember, VA = Department of Veterans Affairs, WRAMC = Walter Reed Army Medical Center.
We were able to establish the reliability of the T-Test, ESST, and IAT in a population of male SMs by developing standardized instructions and implementation methods.
The ESST was first introduced in the literature in 1932 by Harry D.
Although the ESST, T-Test, and IAT have been described in the literature, discrepancies do exist with regard to the test layout, administration, and scoring, suggesting a need to establish a standardized means of testing that is also proven to be reliable.
The primary purpose of this study was to establish the interrater and test-retest reliability of the ESST, T-Test, and IAT in a nondisabled population of male Active Duty (AD) U.
This order was based on test direction, progressing from the uniplanar movement of the ESST to the biplanar movements of the T-Test and concluding with the multidirectional movements of the IAT.