electron paramagnetic resonance

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microwave spectroscopy in which there is resonant absorption of radiation by a paramagnet

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The ESR spectrum is comprised of a large set of data points, which can be approximated by an ideal spectral curve.
In our most recent publications, the intensity profile was fitted by analytical functions and convoluted with the ESR spectrum that was measured in the absence of the field gradient in order to simulate the 1D image.
The ESR spectrum of rat neutrophils stimulated with PMA (100 mg/ml) was composed of 2 distinct products (Fig.
A 15-line ESR spectrum (Figure 5) arose from two radical species, the methyl (C[H.
The E' peak in the ESR spectrum of quartz increased in size and changed character upon annealing.
The ESR spectrum of this final solution then shows two different indium hyperfine constants, approximately 10.
2+]-DDC in 1-butanol shows a characteristic four-line ESR spectrum with hyperfine splitting of 80 gauss and a splitting factor (g) of 2.