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the right to buy or sell a stock at a specified price within a stated period

a benefit given by a company to an employee in the form of an option to buy stock in the company at a discount or at a fixed price

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Companies that stand to truly benefit from ESOS are those prepared to go the distance by fully adopting and embracing their recommendations.
A study of completed ESOS assessments was recently carried out by the Carbon Trust, whose findings revealed that a participating company's average annual energy budget was in the region of 1.
It is expected that the guidelines will encourage public limited companies to use ESOS as a useful tool for gaining loyalties of the employees.
ESOS was established by the UK Government to implement Article 8(4-6) of the EU Energy Efficiency Directive (2012/27/EU) and is a mandatory energy assessment scheme for organisations that meet the qualifying criteria.
Stadium facilities manager Darren Crossman said: "We have a very good relationship with Orchard Energy as the supplier of our market intelligence and information, so when we identified that they were offering the ESOS evaluation and audit service it seemed to be the natural progression to utilise their services and retain independency from any one energy supplier.
They can also identify energy efficiency recommendations and report compliance to the Environment Agency, which administrates ESOS, by December 2015.
The advanced time and workforce management software from Auto Time can be adopted to work closely with the offerings from ESOS, thereby ensuring optimum payroll efficiency by reducing payment errors, which can add up to sizeable savings.
ESOS boss Dave Cooper said: "We are proud to have obtained Bucknall Austin's contract.
ESOS provides the employees the opportunity to get ownership in the company which may help increase productivity and growth in the business of the company.
She said, "There is everything to gain from being ESOS compliant and a lot to lose if you aren't.
The back office recruitment package delivered by ESOS to the specialist recruitment companies within Network Group includes e-timesheets, e-payslips, payroll, invoicing and credit control services.
Even better, complete HR solutions like that offered by the joint efforts of ESOS and Auto Time Solutions make it possible for overtime hours and absence information to be directly fed into the payroll system.
Under the agreement Autotime's time and attendance software will work alongside the HR and payroll outsourcing services that ESOS provides, allowing both Midlands-based companies to deliver a more complete HR solution for workforce management applications.
ESOS requires businesses to carry out assessments and identify cost-effective energy savings measures.
Hindalco Industries' board ESOS compensation committee has sanctioned 3.