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Synonyms for cell

Synonyms for cell

any small compartment

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a device that delivers an electric current as the result of a chemical reaction

a small unit serving as part of or as the nucleus of a larger political movement

a hand-held mobile radiotelephone for use in an area divided into small sections, each with its own short-range transmitter/receiver

small room in which a monk or nun lives


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Since the isolation of human ES cells, 2 less controversial stem cell types have been discovered: adult stem (AS) cells and induced pluripotent stem (iPS) cells.
Nonpermissiveness for mouse embryonic stem (ES) cell derivation circumvented by a single backcross to 129/Sv strain: establishment of ES cell lines bearing the Omd conditional lethal mutation.
Internationally, this is the norm, but policy-makers remain insensitive as to their assumptions regarding who should benefit from ES cell research.
If we are prepared to justify some human embryo experiments for their scientific or medical benefit, then research on embryos involving ES cell lines could also be reviewed by regulatory authorities.
BioTime's Singapore subsidiary, ES Cell International Pte Ltd, has been at the forefront of advances in human embryonic stem ("hES") cell technology, being one of the earliest distributors of hES cell lines to the research community.
Patent Application Number 10/502,972, "Pluripotency Determining Factor and Uses Thereof," covers the use of the Nanog gene in maintaining human and mouse ES cells in a pluripotent state.
The ability to complete all necessary genetic modifications in the ES cell and then generate a mouse directly and solely from that ES cell significantly reduces the need for time-consuming breeding of mouse lines.
This is the first application of transcriptomics to assess ES cell derivatives and their in vivo counterparts -- a 'differentiomics' outlook.
The morphology of most colonies was flat and monolayered, unlikely with typical mouse ES cell morphology but similar to that of human ES cells, and showed alkaline phosphatase (AP) activity (Figure 1E and F).
The rat ES cell patent family (PCT/GB2007/002913), which is also filed in multiple territories including the USA, gives SCS the exclusive right to make and commercialise unique rat models for biopharmaceutical research and development, a global market with an estimated size in excess of US$80m.
This comprehensive collection of appropriate protocols takes the novice into consideration as contributors closely describe obtaining and culturing human ES cells, including explanations of derivatives of human ES cell lines as well as standard and chemically-defined culture methods, characterization of human ES cells, including phenotype, genetic and epigenetic analysis, manipulation in vivo and in vitro of human ES cells, including differentiation and repopulation, directed differentiation of human ES stem cells into ectoderm with forebrain and other neurons, and other issues such as gene targeting and RNA interference.
One of these was cultivated into a 'fully characterized' human ES cell line, proving that it could differentiate into all three germ layers both in the dish and in live mice.
Chemicon is excited to add these new ES cell culture media formulations to our portfolio of innovative reagents and technologies for the global stem cell research community," said Jeffrey D.