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the coordinated universal time when an event is received on Earth

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We are thrilled to announce this strategic merger with PHT," said Jim Corrigan, President and CEO of ERT.
President and CEO of ERT, Jim Corrigan, said : "ERT and eClinical Insights share a common vision of changing the paradigm of clinical research technology.
We insist that ERT should resume broadcasting immediately.
The Council of State ordered the Greek government to restore the ERT signal and take all appropriate organizational measures to continue broadcasting through the ERT frequencies and internet sites until a new public service broadcaster is established.
A live feed of ERT -- whose journalists have continued broadcasting over the Internet in defiance of orders -- showed workers breaking into applause on hearing the court ruling.
Buy a book, video, take a class at your local community centre or hire a personal trainer for a couple of sessions to learn ERT movements properly (see resources below).
Among women who take ERT for 20 years or more, there does seem to be approximately a threefold increase in ovarian cancer risk, based on these findings, Dr.
This makes it difficult to determine what contribution, if any family history makes to a woman's risk if she takes ERT, Dr.
Although a battalion may choose to use more assets for reconnaissance, the ERT is the base engineer recon element.
The present study, unlike the clinical trial of Somekawa and Wakabayashi (11), reports observed differences in lipid and lipoprotein concentrations in postmenopausal women receiving ERT by APOE genotype after controlling for age and body mass index (BMI).
We do appreciate there is a major problem with the welfare of retired racehorses, and this goes far beyond the scope of ERT.
By providing the prompt response needed, a hotel's ERT provides guests with what they expect and deserve and protects the hotel from resultant liability claims and rising insurance rates.
The investigation centers on whether ERT shareholders are receiving adequate compensation for their shares in the buyout, whether the transaction undervalues ERT stock, and whether ERT board attempted to obtain the highest share price for all shareholders prior to agreeing to the deal.
The transaction combines the flexible eCOA platform and world-class customer service of PHT with the market-leading clinical trial technology and service offerings of ERT, creating the most comprehensive solution for patient endpoint collection and data analytics for global clinical trials.
Athens: Greek unions plan a 24-hour general strike Thursday, amid a storm of protest over the government's decision to shut down public broadcaster ERT as part of sweeping cost-cutting measures.