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Synonyms for postscript

Synonyms for postscript

a note appended to a letter after the signature

textual matter that is added onto a publication

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On the basis of applications: The EPS market is segmented on the basis of industry applications such as building & construction, packaging, and others.
More definitive guidelines, which significantly enhanced comparability of EPS data, were later issued in Accounting Principles Board Opinion no.
PMMA was developed to reduce or eliminate defects that can occur when EPS patterns are used to produce iron or steel castings.
For any question please contact Diana Gentilcore, Managing Director for Advocacy at the EPS Industry Alliance, at 800-607-3772 or dgentilcore@epsindustry.
Michel Berghmans, team leader for EPS research at Breda.
Another screen I like running in regard to earnings deals with Increasing Earnings (if not necessarily the % of EPS Growth).
For more than 20 years the EPS Industry Alliance has provided consumers with information to help them dispose of EPS packaging in an environmentally beneficial manner.
Skin molding involves molding an EPS part, then placing a film of PS into the mold and re-steaming the part to bond the two together.
To help management accountants in public companies determine the option that would be more beneficial to their company, we propose a practical way to compare EPS effects between expending stock-option-related proceeds for share repurchases or reinvestment.
Despite ongoing misperceptions about its recyclability, EPS recycling is well established and consistently maintains one of the highest recycling rates among all plastics.
Four large commercial EPS cup makers and one EPS bead producer have recently launched new dual-material cup technologies that permit the first use of all-over printing with high-quality graphics on EPS.
Executives who set goals just to meet short-term EPS expectations typically assume that strong capital market performance is the result of delivering what the market wants.
Muyama has overseen the construction of the plant near Roanoke, Virginia that will produce the units, though when AD&P visited, only the clean room assembly area had been outfitted, and the rest of the plant resembled a clean, well-lighted cavern rather than a manufacturing facility that will soon be turning out 540 EPS units a day.