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a glycoprotein secreted by the kidneys that stimulates the production of red blood cells

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Given the increasing importance of IP, the SIPO and the EPO will engage in deeper and more extensive co-operation to jointly promote innovation.
Perhaps, EPO can be used for therapy for glaucoma since numerous studies have demonstrated its ability to protect RGCs from apoptosis (Table 3).
In medicine, manufactured EPO is of dramatic benefit for kidney and cancer patients suffering from anemia, a shortage of red blood cells that transport oxygen around the body.
That regime was introduced in the wake of a claim by trainer Charlie Mann that EPO - a performanceenhancing drug that increases stamina by boosting the number of red blood cells - was being widely employed in British racing.
EPO is a banned performance-enhancer that boosts endurance.
The researchers discovered that study volunteers with diabetes had 12 times as much EPO in the eye fluid as the other patients had.
EPO is also a source of gamma linolenic acid (GLA), responsible for the production of a prostaglandin, PGE1 - known for easing inflammation and thinning the blood, so it protects the heart to.
EPO is the operating partnership for Enterprise Partners L.
I am convinced that this closer co-operation between the EPO and the IEEE-SA will help to improve the interface between patents and standards, creating transparency and enhancing the synergy potential between these two key elements of the global knowledge economy," says Raimund Lutz, the EPO's Vice-President for Legal and International Affairs.
Now EPO has been found in a routine inspection of a stable in the Victorian town of Ballarat during May, according to a report in the Sydney Morning Herald.
EPO is manufactured for patients with anemia resulting from kidney failure.
The Medicare bill removes profit incentives currently in place to dose Aranesp's older EPO counterpart.
THE International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF) yesterday pledged to catch drug cheats as they revealed details of a new random out-of-competition tests for EPO.
If a trainer is convicted of using EPO he should be locked up for taking money illegally and killing horses," he said yesterday.
EPO is mainly produced within the human kidneys by the interstitial fibroblasts in a close association with and tubular epithelial cells.