Escherichia coli

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a species of bacterium normally present in intestinal tract of humans and other animals


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The most parsimonious model of evolution of the STEC O55:H7 Dorset outbreak strain was a progenitor EPEC O55:H7 sorbitol-fermenting strain lysogenized by an Stx2a-encoding phage and subsequent loss of the ability to ferment sorbitol.
ETEC (Enterotoxigenic Escherichia coli), EPEC (Enteropathogenic Escherichia coli) and UTIEC (Urinary tract infecting Escherichia coli) and classify them according to their MRHU positive and negative properties and by their MRHU(+/-) plasmid profiles to compare their in vitro haegglutinations of HU, BO, HO, CH and D-mannose sensitive of Guinea pig.
EPEC strains are a major cause of infant diarrhea in developing areas of the world and are pathogenic to several animal species (rabbits, calves, dogs, primates, sheep, and pigs) (10-18).
Examples include the American Medical Association's program for practicing physicians, EPEC, as well as two targeted programs, EPEC-O, sponsored by the American Society of Clinical Oncology for oncologists, and APPEAL, for minority professionals, sponsored by the Institute to Improve End of Life Care for African Americans.
It would be useful if future workshops were able to provide participants with the opportunities to discover intended synergies when EPEC, ELNEC, and TNEEL materials are used to enhance the education of nurses, physicians, and other health professionals.
The ESRD population is specialized enough that a modification of the EPEC program is needed.
In one of the most dramatic and visible successes of EPEC, Club volunteers and staff worked hand-in-hand with Native American tribes to close down a pumice mine in Arizona's San Francisco Peaks.
After accessing the site, type EPEC in the search box to call up a library of materials.
EPEC (Exemplary Physical Education Curriculum) teaches students to set up a personal exercise program and to monitor their own progress.
Poor investments, like those made in Palo Verde nuclear plant, clearly spelled doom for EPEC and its customers, and the City Council knew it.
The regime's refusal to allow EPEC jurisdiction over the development of the nuclear power plant in Rio Tercero, transferring authority instead to a federal government agency, offended both regionalist sentiments and the deep commitment of the union members to protect the integrity of the public power company.
At the recent Pakex exhibition we came across a company by the name of EPEC Ltd who produce a wide range of items.
EPEC and AE-STEC that infect humans are diverse and comprise scores of serotypes (2); in contrast, most calf AE-STEC strains comprise a few serotypes, mostly O5:H-, O26:H11, O111:H-, and O118:H16 (3).