Escherichia coli

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a species of bacterium normally present in intestinal tract of humans and other animals


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Thus, differentiation of eae, tir, and esp alleles is an important tool for STEC and EPEC typing in routine diagnostics as well as in epidemiologic and clonal studies.
Before, this opening arrived, EPEC did something only one other investor owned utility had done since the great depression; it filed for bankruptcy relief.
To the rage of IKA-Renault workers was added the indignation of the Luz y Fuerza, UTA, and other workers who had been attacked by police with tear gas outside the EPEC offices where they had gathered to march.
EPEC isolates were susceptible to all antimicrobial drugs tested (Table 2).
In the years that followed Neter's review, interest in EPEC and infantile diarrhoea in general appeared to wane, probably because of a reduction in the number and impact of community and nursery outbreaks of life-threatening diarrhoea that had been a prominent feature of paediatric practice in industrialised countries during the 1930s, 1940s and early 1950s.
EPEC can be isolated on routine media and serotyped using specific antisera.
Whereas EHEC is regarded as an emerging zoonotic pathogen, the related EPEC strains cause diarrhea, especially in infants in developing countries (1).
The EPEC is one of Everest Poker's flagship promotions, which offers amateur and novice players an opportunity to experience live poker (http://www.
The intimin allele [alpha] is common in EPEC, while [gamma], [epsilon] alleles are reported in majority of the EHEC strains.
Some of the leading companies exhibiting to date include Altium, Assembleon, Bare Bard Group, DownStream Technologies, EMA, EPEC Engineered Technologies, Imagineering, Kyzen, National Instruments, SMTA, and Sunstone Circuits.
In addition to their ability to induce attaching and effacing (AE) lesions, EPEC possesses large EPEC adherence factor (EAF) plasmid and the cluster of genes that encodes bundle-forming pili (BFP) (3).
He was prepared by the American Medical Association to teach EPEC courses.
albertii strains might have been misidentified as EPEC or EHEC because they possess the eae gene.