Environmental Protection Agency

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an independent federal agency established to coordinate programs aimed at reducing pollution and protecting the environment


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Earth-Kind manufactures Fresh Cab, the only 'green' indoor-use EPA registered natural rodent repellent.
Examples of these EPA registered products include chlorine-based products, quaternary ammonium compounds with alcohols, phenolics, iodophors, and chlorine-based chemicals.
Health-Tec is EPA registered and meets all OSHA and CDC guidelines for disinfection.
EPA registered Dimilin for use against the moth in forests 2 decades ago.
The product is a US EPA registered insecticide and is OMRI listed for organic use.
FFT-SolutionTM an approved EPA registered chemical is now listed on the National Contingency Plan list for approved dispersants.
a leader in EPA registered microbial control solutions, has five EPA-approved surfactants that are now listed on www.
In one instance, EPA registered the pesticide chlorpyrifos, though the Fish and Wildlife Service had advised that it jeopardized 110 endangered species.