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an independent federal agency established to coordinate programs aimed at reducing pollution and protecting the environment

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Prior to Katrina, the EPA had identified nearly 400 sites in the affected area as possibly needing cleanup because of their potential impact on human health.
Despite Kabei's concerns, DOE officials repeated earlier statements that they are meeting stringent cleanup requirements at the former nuclear research lab, saying the decontamination plan does meet EPA standards and is fully protective of human health and the environmental.
Under the Clean Air Act (CAA), EPA is required to regulate major sources of emissions of 188 listed HAPs and select emission standards that reflect the application of MACT.
In 1997, recognizing that the standards it had set in the 1970s and 1980s were no longer sufficient to protect public health, EPA drafted new NAAQS for two of the most harmful and persistent criteria pollutants: soot and smog.
Closing the libraries will reduce or eliminate the EPA scientists' access to tens of thousands of unique documents, Orzehoskie says.
The proposed rule requires that the "certified renovator" be present at the worksite on a regular basis to oversee work practices, but EPA requests comment on whether this individual should be physically present at the worksite at all times, and whether they should prohibit this individual from being assigned to more than one job at a time.
During the comment period, the group expressed support for the clean-air goals of the EPA, but also spelled out the "regulatory implementation challenges which equipment manufacturers face," relative to "technological feasibility and cost-effectiveness," as well as their preference for global alignment of the EPA regulations with those in Europe and Japan.
EPA and Sciences International for their utility in defining safe acute toxicity levels (U.
Almost completely unrelated to oil and gas or electrical power, the EPA '05 also includes a change to the taxation of Sec.
The EPA is not considering the increased risk faced by these children.
Then, as now, the EPA did not regulate carbon dioxide as an air pollutant, nor did the federal government require industry to reduce carbon dioxide emissions.
We heard from industry," says a former EPA official who declines to be named.
If you want less-toxic products that are not contributing to growing cancer rates or changing the planet's climate, then let EPA Administrator Christine Whitman and your Congressional representatives know.
State scrap tire regulators from the EPA regions hosting the conference, as well as those from other EPA regions, are expected to attend.