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an independent federal agency established to coordinate programs aimed at reducing pollution and protecting the environment

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However, persons 'upstream' can remove the refrigerant and provide documentation of its removal to the final person if this is more cost-effective," the EPA informs recyclers.
While California has the authority to set its own vehicle standards, he said, it must receive an EPA waiver of more lenient federal standards allowing it to enforce the law.
Closing the libraries will reduce or eliminate the EPA scientists' access to tens of thousands of unique documents, Orzehoskie says.
The proposed rule requires that the "certified renovator" be present at the worksite on a regular basis to oversee work practices, but EPA requests comment on whether this individual should be physically present at the worksite at all times, and whether they should prohibit this individual from being assigned to more than one job at a time.
EPA and Sciences International for their utility in defining safe acute toxicity levels (U.
Almost completely unrelated to oil and gas or electrical power, the EPA '05 also includes a change to the taxation of Sec.
Among the coalition's most startling statistics is the EPNs own calculation that a child continuously exposed to the soil around a utility pole treated with penta has a 220 times greater chance of getting cancer than levels deemed acceptable by the EPA.
Most of those dying from respiratory and cardiac ailments triggered by soot don't just die a few hours or a day earlier than they would have otherwise; the EPA projects that the average victim has 14 years knocked off his or her life.
The American Petroleum Institute vehemently opposed EPA regulation of plant security under the Clean Air Act.
Session 3 on Playground and Soil Amendment Issues will be moderated by Todd Marvel, Illinois EPA.
Some highlights of the $2 billion awarded noncompetitively since 1993 included $47,000 to help the Seattle Mariners start a recycling program at their new $500 million ballpark, $1,500 for academics to design a solid waste board game called the "Can Man Game," and $379 million to senior citizen groups to recruit and pay senior citizens to work for the EPA.
EPA found that the toys' labels and advertisements suggested that incorporation of the antimicrobial additive would protect children from health risks, when in fact it protects only the plastic in toys.
In 1990, the Congress passed a Clean Air Act with a special clause, known as Section 129, that required the EPA to regulate air pollution emissions from solid waste incinerators - the kind used, for example, by some nursing homes to dispose of medical waste.
Unfortunately, the EPA has set legal limits, or "maximum contaminant levels" (MCLs), for only 30 of the 700+.