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the medical specialty that deals with diseases of the ear, nose and throat

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Dr Medhat Shams, senior ENT specialist at HMC and co-ordinator of the conference, said the first day will involve 12 lectures on specialised surgeries for the management of snoring and sleep disorders, particularly the latest robotic surgery techniques.
Al-Hazeem welcomed the audience - comprising GMs and executive housekeepers - and the event unfolded with expert advice from clinical and forensic psychologist Dr Raymond Hamden, consultant orthopedic surgeon Dr Manuel Garrido, Dr John McEwen, ENT specialist, Sohar Clinic and a panel debate with six of the region's top executive hotel housekeepers, moderated by ITP Business Group editor Louise Oakley.
You must see your GP in the first instance if you want to be referred to an ENT specialist to discuss treatment, but balloon sinuplasty will generally benefit people suffering from: Facial pain, a feeling of pressure, congestion or fullness around the nose; chronic nasal congestion; nasal obstruction or blockage; nasal discharge/purulence; loss of smell or taste; headache; fatigue; dental pain; halitosis (bad breath) ?
The new technique, developed at the Sainte-Justine University Hospital Centre, is as effective as traditional surgery and can be performed in 20 minutes at an outpatient clinic during a routine visit to an ENT specialist.
Bay Path teacher and program director Christine Piehl said 36 students of the junior and senior class are learning about job opportunities from an ophthalmologist, ENT specialist, speech therapist and the school nurses.
ENT Specialist Dr Avneesh Kumar believes the hi-tech tools are essential.
The team was headed by ENT specialist surgeon Dr Mouaz Tarabichi.
Police officials said that the murder of ENT specialist Dr Haider Abbas could be linked to sectarian violence.
She sees an ENT specialist every six months after unsuspected cancer cells were removed from a sore on her tongue.
CURE: ENT specialist Hadi Al-Jassim has a jab that can stop you snoring for up to 12 months
The problems managed by an ENT specialist are vast and cover a range of issues from treating facial deformities, hearing and balance problems, snoring, voice and swallowing disorders, to fighting the increasing number of oral cancers related to smoking and drinking.
In the "current format" persons seek help with the general practitioner (GP) and ENT specialist or AC, and all persons fitted with a hearing aid have an evaluation of their hearing aid fitting at the ENT specialist or AC.
A veteran ENT specialist has joined Muscat Private Hospital as a senior consultant.