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an inflammatory complication of leprosy that results in painful skin lesions on the arms and legs and face

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According to the plaintiffs, 'From October 12, 2017, the applicants and other owners of the properties occupied and resided in peace until the 28th of October, 2017 when the Police invaded the property, ejected the applicants and forcefully occupied it on behalf of ENL Consortium Ltd adjudged as defaulters by the Court of Appeal.
The rate of entries per letter was beginning to swell, although early on Joey reckoned the entire ENL would take three or four volumes, so the final tally of five wasn't far off the mark.
Our objective was to critique existing scales and if necessary develop a clinical severity scale for ENL which could be subjected to formal validation.
Exacerbating factors for ENL are stress, pregnancy, lactation, concurrent illness and medication.
ENL Two awards, Most improved player: Giacomo Rafaelli.
The high release of bacterial antigen load from dying bacilli, leading to immune-complex formation and TNF-[alpha] secretion, has been suggested as the main pathogenic mechanism in ENL reactions (7), (8).
As well as the Solihull match the ENL side have a tough trip up north this weekend, with a game in Whitley Bay on Sunday.
In the appeal, Yusuf Goya, Isah Aminu and the Incorporated Trustees of Apo XK Extension Residents Association are 1st to 3rd appellants respectively, while the FCT Minister, FCDA, FHA, ENL Consortium Limited and Dr Tumala Muhammed Musa are the 1st to 5th respondents respectively, with Haastrup as the prime-mover of the ENL Consortium Limited.
Teenager Lockwood joined Devils after playing for Toronto Moose in Canada, having played junior hockey for Streatham and Guildford before stepping up to the ENL.
The current ENL One North leaders are in cup action tonight in Scotland against unbeaten ENL Two North leaders the Solway Sharks.
COVENTRY ENL Blaze will have to come out of the blocks hard if they are to go one better and lift a trophy this season.
WHITLEY Warriors face a tough opening month of games following the release of the ENL North Division One fixture list - and the highlight is an early meeting with Tyneside rivals Newcastle ENL Vipers.
The 12-team ENL (North) will be split into two divisions from next season, with Whitley Warriors, Billingham Bombers and the ENL Vipers all featuring in the new top flight.
Managing severe recurrent and chronic ENL reactions in leprosy-affected patients can be extremely difficult.