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the compass point midway between northeast and east

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ENE Systems specialises in the engineering, installation and ongoing support of facility management, energy management and building automation systems.
The Distribution Business Unit of ENE has been designing, upgrading and maintaining distribution system assets for decades.
There is a pretty compelling argument that all cases should be obliged to go to ENE first before being allowed to go to trial but for the present at least, ENE is just one of the available options for alternative dispute resolution but little used.
The investment from CIVC will make it possible for ENE to seize a number of opportunities for near-term growth, among them implementing an acquisition strategy designed to expand its geographic reach and service offerings.
As per the provincial director of ENE, who is responsible for the cities of Huambo and Caala, the modernization of the electricity system will make it possible to increase electricity transmission to 15 kilovolts, as compared to 6.
We are looking forward to working with ENE to develop a detailed programme plan and exploring how we can best work together to exploit this opportunity.
The two main mineralized zones, Roberto Est and Zone a biotite, are traced according to a ENE general direction with a strong dip to the NW.
7%Zn, 40g/t Ag), 75 km ENE and Winston Lake, (7Mt; ave.
31, 2003, ENE filed a request with the SEC for an exemption under the PUHCA section 3(a) (4) on the basis that Enron's ownership interest in Portland General is temporary.
PGE's ratings remain below levels that could be supported by its stand-alone credit profile due to contagion risk associated with ENE.
ENE) and its affiliated companies have not been changed by Fitch Ratings following the filing by ENE of its Chapter 11 bankruptcy plan (the Plan) on July 11, 2003.
Meanwhile, plans progress with regard to the future separation of PGE from the ENE group.
Specifically, the revision to Rating Watch Positive status reflects greater clarity, since November 2002, with regard to potential ENE exposures for which the potential obligation of 'controlled group' members (including PGE) exists.
The ratings also consider the negative overhang from the ENE bankruptcy, contingent liability issues, and exposure to ongoing investigations into the manipulation of western energy prices.