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The EMR should provide choices to display the data in different ways such as graphs or tables.
We are excited to include eClinicalWorks in our interoperability exchange program and look forward to integrating their EMR solution into our clients' connected healthcare communities.
List of Tables: Table 5-1: EMR Adoption Model (%) 2013 Table 5-2: EHR Adoption in Non-Federal Acute Care Hospitals by States (%), 2012 Table 5-3: State-wise EMR/EHR Adoption by Office-Based Physicians (%), 2011 Table 8-1: Implementation Schedule of Meaningful Use Rule Table 9-1: Allscript - Financial Overview (Million US$), FY 2011 & FY 2012 Table 9-2: GE - Financial Overview (Million US$), FY 2011 & FY 2012 Table 9-3: Meditech - Financial Overview (Million US$), FY 2011 & FY 2012 Table 9-4: Cerner- Financial Overview (Million US$), FY 2011 & FY 2012 Table 9-5: Quality Systems - Financial Overview (Million US$), FY 2012 & FY 2013 Table 9-6: McKesson - Financial Overview (Million US$), FY 2012 & FY 2013
To order this report: US EMR Market Outlook to 2017 http://www.
31 percent of EMR users surveyed in the Brown-Wilson report said they were considering an EMR switch, with 17 percent planning to switch in the next year
Reliability Accountability Patient Privacy EMR Software Components of an EMR Administrative System Components Laboratory System Components Radiology System Components Pharmacy System Components Computerized Physician Order Entry Clinical Documentation Flow of Patient Data across Various Components Pricing of EMRs US EMR Adoption Model EMR Adoption Rates
1 EMR for Development and Outsourcing Implementation
With more than 400 EMR offerings on the market, doctors can be overwhelmed and struggle to understand what an EMR transition could mean to their bottom line," said Ryan Howard, CEO and Founder of Practice Fusion.
Misys' solutions for practice management and EMR stood out to us for our member practices because of its products' effectiveness and the company's reputation for providing exceptional customer service," said David Girouard, director of IT for South Shore PHO.
The global EMR systems market is increasing due to increasing demand for better healthcare facilities.
This market analysis is global, though trend analysis focuses on the US as the largest healthcare market and the most incentivized for EMR conversion.
Current and proposed regulations mandating EMR installations will further ensure the steady growth of the market in the region.
Because of the emphasis by the Obama Administration on converting 100,000 primary-care physicians using paper-based medical records to become users of electronic medical records (EMRs) that achieve meaningful use (MU), there is strong interest in how well the EMR market is doing.