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Synonyms for empire

Synonyms for empire

the domain ruled by an emperor or empress


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a group of countries under a single authority

a monarchy with an emperor as head of state

a group of diverse companies under common ownership and run as a single organization

an eating apple that somewhat resembles a McIntosh

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For more information on Sun's Healthcare solutions, including the B2B- enabled EMPI and OEM program for iPACS and uPACS, please visit: http://www.
NextGate([R]), a pioneer in healthcare indexing and registry solutions, today announced that the Northumbria Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust completed the transition to the NextGate Multi-Language EMPI as their solution for Patient Centric View initiatives.
The significant coefficient attached to interest rate synchronization in the regression for the covariance of exchange rates and interest rate differentials is much higher in terms of its magnitude than the coefficients on interest rate synchronization in the remaining regressions for the EMPI components.
A leader in electronic health record management, NextGate pioneered an EMPI software technology - MatchMetrix[TM] Suite for EMPI - that is able to link and match patient information, even if that information does not have a common identifier.
The NextGate Multi-Language EMPI demonstrates the flexibility, reliability and supportability required for international projects," said Andrea Fiumicelli, chief operating officer of CSC's Healthcare Group.
HCA sees the EMPI as a foundation for future e-health projects for Web-enabled payments, Web-enabled physician access and a data warehouse that will enable enterprise-wide ability for scheduling, customer relationship management, contract management and compliance.
Passive mode implementation involves the setup of real-time ADT (admissions, discharge and transfer) transactions from a registration system through an interface engine to an EMPI.
The offering combines NextGate's EMPI, Provider Registry, Provider Directory, Code Set Registry, Terminology Registry, Relation Registry, and Enterprise Transaction Registry to deliver enterprise-wide accuracy and efficiency in the coordination and sharing of data.
Delivering quality patient care to thousands a day through numerous networked metropolitan facilities, UAB knew it was time to integrate its registration processes with an EMPI.
the recognized standard in enterprise master person index (EMPI) software in the healthcare industry, today announced that the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center (UPMC) is replacing its existing EMPI solution with Initiate Identity Hub[TM] software to help facilitate interoperability across its many disparate systems and to provide interactive delivery of patient information.
NextGate is a products and services company that delivers Master Data Management, EMPI, Enterprise Registry, and Service Oriented Architecture based solutions to Healthcare and other industries.
The 3M HDD and 3M EMPI make patient data intelligible and actionable across multiple information systems, healthcare sites, and patient encounters.
1 /PRNewswire/ -- DINMAR, a leading North American healthcare information technology company, announced today that four hospitals in Eastern Ontario's Champlain Region have successfully implemented the company's Oacis EMPI (Enterprise Master Patient Index) solution suite as a first step towards linking patient records region-wide.