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Synonyms for empire

Synonyms for empire

the domain ruled by an emperor or empress


Related Words

a group of countries under a single authority

a monarchy with an emperor as head of state

a group of diverse companies under common ownership and run as a single organization

an eating apple that somewhat resembles a McIntosh

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EMPE Solar has been formed by a group of forward thinking promotors to incorporate new technologies in the photovoltaic solar market.
Also acquired are two manufacturing facilities, EMPE Espana S.
Along with current European customers General Motors' Opel and Saab divisions, Findlay will add Audi, BMW, Citroen, Ford, Mercedes Benz, Peugeot, Rover, SEAT, and Volkswagen to its European customer list through the EMPE Autoteile GmbH acquisition.
Like Findlay's molded products and materials in North America, EMPE Autoteile GmbH is well known in Europe for natural fiber based, recyclable door interior trim panels.
Automotive Systems (CEATS), a joint venture between Cambridge Industries and EMPE Werke of Geretsried, Germany, a leading supplier of interior trim parts to the European automotive market.