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therapy that uses a local electric current to introduce the ions of a medicine into the tissues

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At this wave, students completed alternate forms of CBM Computation and CBM Concepts/Applications tests (Fuchs & Fuchs, 2004), the EMDA (The Psychological Corporation, 2002a) subtests, and the KM-R Numeration subtest (Connolly, 1998).
To assess predictive validity from the beginning of kindergarten to the end of first grade and from the spring of kindergarten to the end of first grade, we correlated the kindergarten fall and spring screening scores with the first-grade EMDA subtests (The Psychological Corporation, 2002a), KM-R subtest (Connolly, 1998), and CBM mathematics tests.
MD designation was operationalized as scoring below the 16th percentile on the EMDA Math Reasoning subtest or the EMDA Numerical Operations subtest (The Psychological Corporation, 2002a).
Correlations for the fall administration of NS with EMDA Math Reasoning (The Psychological Corporation, 2002a) ranged from .
Chris Brock, EMDA head of sector innovation, said the proposed food hall would be a "permanent food festival" selling flesh and speciality food from quality regional producers.
In fact, the East Midlands used the evening to announce that they would be the second region to hold the competition and has already secured backing from EMDA, the members of the East Midlands Universities Association and a host of private sector partners.
Funding for the building - which will focus on operational performance research, automation and advanced tooling - is expected to come from AWM and EMDA.
Jonathan Ray, the BBC's political correspondent in the Midlands and a former presenter of ITV's Central News, has been appointed head of communications at EMDA, the regional development agency in the East Midlands.
EMDA Innovation Midlander of the Year 2003 Professor Sir Peter Mansfield -for services to medicine.
Advantage West Midlands -and its East Midland counterpart, EMDA -see the answer in an overseas promotional campaign under a joint The British Midlands banner.
Firstly, the two Regional Development Agencies in the heart of England -namely, Advantage West Midlands and EMDA (East Midlands) -have been responsible for tourism strategy from April 2003 and both have major reviews underway.