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Furthermore, EM spectrum effects usually do not cause direct loss of life or property and can be executed so that they are reversible-typical goals when one conducts terrestrial warfare operations.
1um and some activity in the longer wavelength due to the carbonate, but due to being an opaque mineral there is an absence of features in the visible region of the EM spectrum.
EM Spectrum Defined by Its Particles and Their Effects
It provides a visualization of a very complex EM Spectrum Operational environment.
Future wars will not be won simply by effectively using the EM spectrum and cyberspace; they will be won within the EM-cyber domain.
Maneuverability within and unfettered access to the EM spectrum is a key warfighting advantage, according to the Chief of Navy Operations Adm.
Greenert in his December 2012 Proceedings article "Imminent Domain," "our military concepts, acquisition, tactics, and training have not coherently or fully embraced the central role of the EM spectrum and computer networks in our operations.
This will require innovative techniques and adaptive RF solutions that enable sharing of the entire EM Spectrum (including federal and non-federal frequency bands), and leverage gray and white space technology to give the Navy the EM maneuver space it requires to execute war plans under any threat condition," according to the roadmap.
Operate Forward: Enabling freedom of maneuver in the EM spectrum and assuring the ability to direct operations and coordinate actions in contested environments overseas is paramount for successful operations forward.
Wireless routers or satellites are now part of almost every computer network so cyberspace and the EM spectrum now form one continuous environment to employ for warfighting advantage.
Noted is the particular importance in the "operationalization" of the EM spectrum and cyberspace into a warfighting domain, to enable use of the EM spectrum as maneuver space.
As inescapable as the EM spectrum is in our personal lives, however, it is essential to military operations.