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an assay that relies on an enzymatic conversion reaction and is used to detect the presence of specific substances (such as enzymes or viruses or antibodies or bacteria)

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MedFrontier FGF23 (Human Intact FGF23) ELISA Assay Kit utilizes a simple 96 well sandwich ELISA procedure that measures only the full-length active form (intact form) in under three hours.
Multi-country evaluation of the sensitivity and specificity of two commercially available NS1 ELISA assays for dengue diagnosis.
Western blotting and ELISA assay were performed for identification and confirmation of immunoreactivity of produced rPR.
Relative CD36 expression in 3-D and 2-D cultures was measured with an ELISA assay specific to extracellular CD36 proteins (Figure 4).
Despite the fact that CUZD1 expression was verified by MS in both systems (see online Supplemental Tables 8 and 9), neither of these samples was recognized by the CUZD1 ELISA assay (Table 1).
The native and synthetic PGL-I ELISA assays detected antibodies in 22 x 73% and 31 x 82% of the paucibacillary (PB) patients, respectively and the ML Flow test did not detect antibodies in this group.
Serodiagnosis of leptospirosis by an IgM-specific ELISA assay is often used as an alternative to MAT in routine diagnostic laboratories (16).
The new BetaMark(tm) sAPPbeta ELISA assay, available only from Covance, provides researchers with a two-step process for obtaining reproducible, consistent, and ultra-sensitive detection of sAPPbeta in a variety of samples.
In fish the use of direct ELISA is the most common (11, 12); however, Tintos et al (1) validated the use of indirect ELISA assay to determine plasma cortisol in fish.
Either the ractopamine biosensor of ELISA assay could be used in these situations and would be especially useful when live animals need to be tested quickly.
Conventionally, an initial blood screening, known as an HIV ELISA assay, can give either a negative or a preliminary positive indication that a person's immune system has encountered HIV.
com)-- Eagle Biosciences is proud to announce a new assay, the Calretinin ELISA Assay Kit.
KRONUS offers the Zinc Transporter 8 Autoantibody (ZnT8Ab) ELISA Assay Kit for the accurate determination of autoantibodies to zinc transporter (ZnT8) in human serum.
ELISA assay kit manufacturers can include the company's BioFX Liquid Nova-Stop Solution in their products without needing to label and ship the products as "corrosive", adding convenience for kit manufacturers, customers, as well as reduced transportation costs by avoiding surcharges related to shipping corrosive or hazardous materials.
1-42)] concentrations in CSF as measured with the kit calibrators were about 3-fold higher with the ELISA assay than with the xMAP assay [ratio of [[beta]-amyloid.