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a type of video display that is thin and flat

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Organic EL displays, which are thin and consume less power, are mainly used in mobile phones.
Because EL displays are surface emitters, it is possible to put a number of colored filters over the top.
The HB is three times as bright and requires half the power of previous generations of EL displays, making it ideal for battery-powered applications, like the portable M Series.
Standard features: Closed-loop proportional hydraulics, variable-volume pump; closed-loop injection speed and pressure; N-IV control with amber EL display and internal memory for 40 mold set-ups.
The use of a large size organic EL display for the screen results in a design where text and a menu seem to come from inside the display when the power is switched on.
in developing organic electroluminescence displays as Sanyo pulls out of the business citing less optimistic prospects for a future growth of the organic EL display market, compared with liquid crystal displays.
The organic EL display projects images when an organic substance between the glass panels emits light when electric voltage is applied.
Tokyo, May 31, 2011 - (JCN Newswire) - TDK Corporation has started mass production of a newly developed see-through passive matrix type QVGA organic EL display (product name: UEL476) from this Spring, a world's first*.
Blending seamlessly with the black, blue, red, and green colour versions, all models feature an Organic EL display that shows three lines of text - bright and clear in daylight or darkness.
Standard features: Diagonal arrangement of two mold traverse cylinders; HUMMAS controller with touch panel and EL display, self-diagnostics, storage for 20 mold set-ups, automatic color-change sequence, shuttle-type quick mold change, automatic hot-runner coupling, automatic mold-utilities coupling, standard lot counter stops machine after preset number of cycles.
The compact Command 4500 controller with flat-panel EL display is a new standard feature on VAntage series toggle machines from HPM Corp.
Series 6000, a rugged unit with full-touch keypad, optional touchscreen and 640 x 480 VGA resolution LCD or EL display, is based on a 386 microprocessor with options to use a 387 coprocessor or 486 microprocessor.
Planar's EL display technology is beautiful," said Thomas Wong, president of Jetronic Technology, LTD.
into those for organic EL display panels for the start of production set for April 2003.