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inflammation of the cornea and conjunctiva

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The EKC concept became widely popular starting in the early 1990s with background study of the World Development Report [Shafil and Bandyopadhyay (1992)] and study of potential impact of NAFTA (2) [Grossman and Krueger (1991)].
In this paper, we incorporate these two contrary views into a model, allowing for the occurrence of the EKC via the scale effect in abatement technology as emphasized by Andreoni and Levinson (2001), and via the induced policy response as suggested by Grossman and Krueger (1995).
The proposed EKC control strategy has some advantages over the FLC control strategy; it decreases the delays of vehicles and increases performance.
Since the publication of Grossman and Krueger's 1991 article, more than a hundred empirical EKC studies have been added to the professional literature (Yandle, Vijayaraghavan, and Bhattarai 2004 forthcoming).
The EKC features DT optical counting technology for 100% accurate counts.
Using a four-year panel of zip code--level data on toxic releases in the United States, Brooks and Sethi (1997) find that their reduced form also reveals an EKC for income and their toxicity index with the expected signs for coefficients on community characteristics.
The move means the departure of DuPont Printed Circuit Materials business manager John Odom, who will become president of DuPont EKC Technology.
He purchased a house in Busby, near Glasgow, using a pounds 68,181 bank draft from EKC and McFarlane stayed there for some time.
EKC plans to develop the technology for integrated circuits and printed wire boards and other potential applications.
We found no evidence of EKC but the nonlinear response of CO2 emissions to economy exist in the cubic trend.
Eisai established the EKC, which integrated the company's discovery research, clinical development, production, marketing and European headquarters functions one site, in Hertfordshire in the U.
It is described as the EKC following the observation of [13].
RAWALPINDI, May 09, 2010 (Balochistan Times): EKC Gas-Cylinders has been gaining reliability and confidence of its consumers as OGRA, FBR has not objected import of EKC Gas Cylinder said Importers of EKC Gas Cylinders in Pakistan.
Employing cross-sectional analysis and typically focusing on specific pollutants, a number of researchers have found empirical evidence that is consistent with the EKC (Cropper and Griffiths, 1994; Grossman and Krueger, 1995; Hettige, Lucas, and Wheeler, 1992; Hilton and Levinson, 1998; List and Gallet, 1999; Seldon and Song, 1994; Shafik, 1994) .