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data processing using sophisticated data search capabilities and statistical algorithms to discover patterns and correlations in large preexisting databases

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The Guidelines provide direction to the proponent and identify the information that is required in the EIS.
Adopting EIS eliminates the need for a camera bump on the back of the Pixel handsets.
The DNR anticipates this review will be completed and a record of decision on the adequacy of the EIS will be issued in February.
Providing the underlying investments made by the EIS are held for at least three years (for income tax relief and tax free growth), the current tax reliefs available for investors are:
When DoD is the provider of EIS through the EDIS programs, there is no cost to the parents.
The EIS approval also satisfies key investment criteria for many of the potential customers and joint venture partners we are speaking to in relation to the Springsure Creek project," added Mr Gray.
The EIS decided in March to put industrial action on hold to enter into talks but "no offer has yet been made and no response given to the teacher side proposals to protect 65 as the normal age for retirement".
Equally importantly investors will now have a maximum of pounds 1 million that they can invest in EIS each year and still benefit from the tax breaks, up from the previous from pounds 500,000.
The EIS has a significant role in the high performance system and I can't wait to get started and to play my part in ensuring the organisation delivers against its promise to the sports it supports for years to come.
Headed by Ahmad Al Edwy, EIS has built up a team of professionals to provide approved services to investors and corporate entities in Saudi Arabia.
EIS officers have been actively engaged in planning and emergency preparedness for pandemic influenza.
At The Watermark, a major new condominium project under construction in North Bergen, NJ, EIS will be fabricating the stone counters, bars, wall cladding and base.
The Armed Forces Communications and Electronics Association-Fort Belvoir Chapter hosts the 5th Annual AFCEA-Belvoir/PEO EIS Industry Day to inform the IT community about the recent successes and the forward-thinking opportunities that the Department of Defense and the Department of the Army have asked PEO EIS to develop.
Targeted to academic researchers and practitioners of EIS, the new title focuses on both the technical and application aspects of EIS technology and the cross-disciplinary problems of enterprise integration that arise in the global supply chain environment.
Q: The hot subject in racing is Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS) and the Chancellor had good and bad news for those structuring companies around EIS in the March Budget.