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data processing using sophisticated data search capabilities and statistical algorithms to discover patterns and correlations in large preexisting databases

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AIM-listed companies can be attractive to EIS investors for a number of reasons.
EIS (and SEIS) is designed to provide an excellent investment opportunity in its own right.
When DoD is the provider of EIS through the EDIS programs, there is no cost to the parents.
The EIS approval also satisfies key investment criteria for many of the potential customers and joint venture partners we are speaking to in relation to the Springsure Creek project," added Mr Gray.
Equally importantly investors will now have a maximum of pounds 1 million that they can invest in EIS each year and still benefit from the tax breaks, up from the previous from pounds 500,000.
The EIS has a significant role in the high performance system and I can't wait to get started and to play my part in ensuring the organisation delivers against its promise to the sports it supports for years to come.
Headed by Ahmad Al Edwy, EIS has built up a team of professionals to provide approved services to investors and corporate entities in Saudi Arabia.
EIS officers have been actively engaged in planning and emergency preparedness for pandemic influenza.
Discuss the challenges of making an EIS measurement on a high-impedance coating
In addition, as important as an EIS may be, in and of itself, it may not be enough to protect the environment, notes Thomas Dawson, an assistant attorney general and director of the environmental protection unit of the Wisconsin Department of Justice.
Last year, a local judge issued a temporary injunction which permits the construction of three hog facilities without an EIS.
compatibility that would allow data to be copied from EIS into word-processing, spreadsheet, database, and graphics PC software; and
EDMS and EIS store information about the records and store the actual physical records.
In 1951, 22 young physicians and one sanitary engineer signed on as EIS Officers at CDC, where they received several weeks of instruction in epidemiology, biostatistics, and public health administration and then served for 2 years as field epidemiologists, either at CDC or in state health departments.
Whether its bar coded student ID labels and library labels for Harvard University, labels for a file folder distributor in Chicago, labels for the US SKI Team, or labels for area rugs at Burlington Industries in Monticello, EIS provides a variety of label types and sizes.