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4 kDa in relation to the total range (peptides plus amino acids) was significantly higher in the AAF group than in the EHF group (mean (SD) 0.
This case represents the second documented occurrence of an identified single-case EHF outbreak (12).
The twice EHF Champions League winner is desperately trying to win a major title this season, after having lost to FC Barcelona in the cream of crop final four.
The EHF has started a project to make the equipment available at a tenth of its real price," he said, stressing that the purpose of this is to expand interest in the game all over the country," said Hamed, who is also the President of the African Hockey Federation.
Upgrading the B-2's satellite communications capabilities from UHF to EHF will be like going from a dial-up Internet connection to broadband," said Dave Mazur, a vice president in Northrop Grumman's Integrated Systems sector.
The first phase, the above-ground equipment at missile alert facilities, included an EHF antenna encased in a 40,000-pound reinforced steel shelter on top of a 60,000-pound concrete foundation.
It will provide satellite connectivity for deployed tactical communications systems operating in X-band (DSCS, Wideband Gapfiller Satellite), commercial C- and Ku-bands, ultra high frequency, EHF SATCOM, and initial Ka-band capabilities.
Obviously, our aim is to retain our position in the 'A' Division of the EHF Youth Championships but we also believe that this talented group of players will be able to compete for a top placing in this tournament.
The company will provide the Advanced EHF payload to Lockheed Martin, prime contractor for the Advanced EHF system.
The EHF report states that in March 2002,s Secretary of State Colin Powell circulated the curiously titled "United States Nonpaper on EU Chemicals Policy" to U.
A majority of the work shall be in support of the Navy Extremely High Frequency (EHF) Satellite Communications Program, Submarine High Data Rate Program, EHF Tactical Interface Processor and associated satellite systems.
In the SG, six were weaned to EHF without (placebo group--PG) and seven to EHF with Bifidobacterium lactis Bb-12 supplementation (bifidobacteria treated group--BbG).
This report describes surveillance and control activities related to the EHF outbreak and presents preliminary clinical and epidemiologic findings.
The UHF band is populated by such systems as the Gap Filler, the US Navy's Fleet Satellite Communications system, and the Ultra High Frequency Follow-On system; the SHF by the Defense Satellite Communications System; and the EHF by Milstar.
The EHF proudly describes itself as representing a pluralistic but unified humanism.