Escherichia coli

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a species of bacterium normally present in intestinal tract of humans and other animals


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We used an SNP-based approach to examine isolates from different sources of EHEC O157:H7/[H.
Country HUS EHEC Austria 0 2 Czech Republic 0 1 Denmark 8 12 France 0 2* Luxembourg 0 1 Netherlands 4 2 Norway 0 1 Poland 2 0 Spain 1 1 Sweden 15 31 Switzerland 0 3 United Kingdom 3 8
Rapid detection of EHEC in foods will prevent the release of contaminated foods into the marketplace, consequently reducing the incidence of EHEC food-associated illnesses and the resulting economic burdens.
coli by a LightCycler([R]) Real-Time PCR test demonstrated that faecal specimens can be used as starting material to detect EHEC infection in epidemic situations reducing the turnaround from at least overnight incubation to hours.
EPEC and EHEC express a type III secretion (T3S) system that translocates multiple effector proteins into host cells and manipulate host innate responses, which are needed for colonization (5-7).
free of EHEC, which is a virulent strain of gut bacterium that can cause
According to the Robert Koch Institute, more than 3,400 people in Germany have been affected by the EHEC outbreak, with over 35 deaths.
A Hamburg hospital admitted the first cases suffering from EHEC in mid-May.
Meridian's Premier([TM]) EHEC (cleared by the FDA in April of 1995) and ImmunoCard STAT
albertii strains might have been misidentified as EPEC or EHEC because they possess the eae gene.
CytoSorb[TM] was used to treat a very ill woman infected with EHEC in a near coma with severe bloody diarrhea, and hemolytic uremic syndrome with renal failure.
coli outbreak in Europe which showed Germany had reported 627 cases of HUS and 1536 cases of EHEC infection.
EHEC O104:H4 outbreak event in Germany clarified: sprouts of fenugreek seeds imported from Egypt as underlying cause.
EHEC producis toxins produces toxins known as verotoxins.