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The two-day visit also included the inauguration of rehabilitation operations to improve the Ibrahimiyah Canal's efficiency, with costs amounting to approximately EGP 16m.
Until recently, variation discovery in the EGP has focused on the PDR panel of 90 samples.
Non-governmental deposits in EGP increased by about EGP 10bn, recording EGP 1.
Carrying out the selection of the EGP advisers and any specialists for the EGP project, in accordance
Working independently, or in collaboration with EGP local managers, the TCs will be
The Hyundai Verna price increased by EGP 5,000 to reach EGP 90,000 in early October, while the prices of the I10 and the Grand I10 increased by EGP 5,000 to reach EGP 96,500 and EGP 101,250 respectively.
The cost of these developments amounted to EGP 40m, and they contributed to increasing the company's sales, as Mass Food registered sales of EGP 127m during 2014, with EGP 14m in profit.
The government will issue 91 day, 182 day, 273 day and 364 day treasury bills, amounting to EGP three billion, EGP eight billion, EGP 15 billion and EGP 14 billion respectively.
Lift Slab's board agreed on increasing the company's issued capital by EGP 43m to reach EGP 86m, up from EGP 34m.
In addition, EGP exhibits a manageable lease maturity schedule relative to its industrial peers, with 7.
It revealed that the government plans to issue treasury bills worth EGP 199.
Nadin Okasha, PR Director at SODIC, told Daily News Egypt that the cost per metre for the land stands at EGP 1,677, with a total cost of EGP 211m to be paid over four years.
Abdel Fattah also added that the allocations included EGP 79.
Newly-launched Global Lease Company kicked-off legal and administrative procedures to authenticate increasing its paid capital to EGP 50m from EGP 15m, said Chairman of Global Lease Maged Helmi.