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The Office EER provides critical insights into the performance of the office sector with data from more than 5,300 office buildings in 275 markets across the United States and Canada totaling more than 800 million square feet of space.
One of the four units failed to perform within specifications with respect to T1 and T3 EER and T1 and T3 capacity.
The Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers (AHAM) says that the average EER of room A/C units rose 47 percent from 1972 to 1991.
Throughout this experience, I learned that those who draft EERs should emphasize their organization's goals, provide specific examples of what rated officers did to contribute toward accomplishing those goals and identify their e orts to lead and inspire others toward making their fullest contributions.
In ROC analysis, we do not know beforehand the correlated pairs of metrics, such as TAR for a given FAR, or EER, on which the hypothesis testing is conducted.
Unfortunately, he dismisses EER 2008 because of the trend analysis.
They concluded that EER extract possesses antisecretory, cytoprotective, and anti-ulcer activities against experimentally-induced gastric lesions.
The results in figures 2 and 3 emphasize that elliptic band limited phase-only correlation, EPOC, has overall better performances--higher GAR values and intermediate EER value--than the POC and the rectangle band limited phase-only correlation, BPOC.
AE is not equally distributed in Germany, and the different geographic distribution of cases reported by PAS compared with RKI and EER indicated that PAS had missed case-patients mainly from the south.
The efficiency of window units is typically described with an EER Rating.
After developing the EER review process, the TDT invited the local Defense Contract Management Agency (DCMA) to join its senior-level executive reviews and discussions and submit scorecards for its interactions with division suppliers.
The Energy Information Administration, as the independent statistical agency within the Department of Energy, does not advocate any policy position, and makes EER available strictly for the purpose of helping students and educators to locate materials.
Magnum Research and Freedom Arms recommend the Leopold EER scopes for use on their powerful handguns.
Pertinent to those changes, EER is designed to monitor relevant court decisions, including developments in non-Daubert jurisdictions, proposed and recently enacted legislation, and rule reforms.