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(computer science) a read-only memory chip that can be erased by ultraviolet light and programmed again with new data

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With Microchip's tiny new serial EEPROMs, designers can replace larger packages with these smaller, less-expensive packages without sacrificing performance.
Tags / Keywords: EEPROM, I(2)C, Microchip, memory, stand-alone memory, MPLAB, 24VL014, 24VL014H, 24VL024, 24VL024H, 24VL025, low voltage, very low voltage, ultra low voltage, low power, half-array write protect, full-array write protect, 1.
Serial EEPROMs use a fast serial interface instead of the traditional parallel interface, and now dominate the EEPROM market.
The 25XX128/512 and 25XX1024 serial EEPROM devices are supported by the same development tools that support all of Microchip's memory parts.
Microchip's SEEVAL(R) 32 Serial EEPROM Designer's Kit (Part # DV243002) supports development using the 25xx010A, 25xx020A and 25xx040A devices.
Microchip continues its lead in supplying cutting-edge serial EEPROM performance with these 1 Mbit I2C devices," said Barry Blixt, marketing manager with Microchip's ROM Microcontroller and Memory Division.
The Aplus EEPROM memory macro is being built to target applications requiring non-volatile memory storage for program or data, offering flexible page write or in-system byte write/erase functionality with high program/erase cycles.
Both devices provide a 200ms reset time-out during power up/down; and during this time, writing to the EEPROM is disabled which eliminates the possibility of data corruption.
austriamicrosystems' embedded EEPROM blocks contain a bus interface, an internal charge pump and are easy to embed into a chip design.
The new DFN package is available for Microchip's I2C serial EEPROM product family (the 24xx series) in memory densities ranging from 128 bits to 64 Kbits and an application-specific 2-Kbit device for DIMM modules.
Intersil Corporation (NASDAQ:ISIL), a world leader in the design and manufacture of high performance analog solutions, today announced that it has sold its Xicor Serial EEPROM product lines to IC Microsystems (ICmic), a leading IC design company in Malaysia, for an undisclosed amount.
Ramtron's FM24CL16 offers single-byte writes that are 280 times faster than those of EEPROM.
a leader in advanced semiconductor technology, announced today that it has developed a high-density 512-kilobyte (KB) EEPROM (Electrically Erasable and Programmable ROM)-embedded smart card IC (S3CC91H).