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(computer science) a read-only memory chip that can be erased by ultraviolet light and programmed again with new data

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The state-of-the-art ON Semiconductor facility in Gresham, Oregon, provides us with advanced, in-house manufacturing technology and substantial capacity to provide a stable supply chain for EEPROM products," said Dev Nair, marketing director for EEPROM products at ON Semiconductor.
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The virtual EEPROM feature permits dynamic allocation of byte size portions of FLASH program memory for non-volatile data storage.
The very low voltage EEPROM devices are supported by the MPLAB([R])Starter Kit for Serial Memory Products (Part # DV243003).
Microchip is pleased to announce our new SPD EEPROM devices for DDR2 and DDR3 DIMM modules.
Additionally, these two devices feature a "deep power-down mode" command, which further reduces standby currents to conserve power when the EEPROM device is not in use.
The 25XX320A serial EEPROMs are offered in 8-pin PDIP, SOIC, MSOP packages, as well as standard and non-standard (rotated) TSSOP package pinouts.
They are backed by Microchip's commitment to the serial EEPROM market, as well as its reputation for consistent supply, world-class quality and reliability, and excellent service.
The 24XX1025 I2C serial EEPROM devices provide an easy upgrade path from lower-density I2C devices.
The Aplus EEPROM memory macro is being built to target applications requiring non-volatile memory storage for program or data, offering flexible page write or in-system byte write/erase functionality with high program/erase cycles.
NASDAQ: MCHP), a leading provider of microcontroller and analog semiconductors, has expanded its SPI(TM) serial EEPROM product line with two high-density (256 Kbit), high-speed (up to 10 MHz) devices.
NASDAQ:CATS) a leading supplier of high performance analog/mixed-signal solutions and nonvolatile memory, today expanded its family of supervisors with embedded EEPROM memory with new 32K and 64K devices.
austriamicrosystems' business unit Full Service Foundry today announced the release of one of the industry's most reliable embedded EEPROM blocks for its 0.