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He says that unlike the skepticism EEC received when it was still in its birthing stage, more people have now become receptive of solar power systems, especially because of increasing electricity costs.
The mother denied anomalies in other family members, suggesting this is an isolated case of EEC.
France wanted to stick at just the first stage of EMU, which was limited to regular economic co-ordination meetings and a scheme to bind the dollar value of the six, EEC currencies more tightly to each other (the `snake-in-the-tunnel').
The paper, which was commissioned by the EEC, urged the adoption of three incentives aimed at removing obstacles to cooperation between European entities: the tax treatment of dividends flowing between subsidiary and parent; the taxation of mergers within the EEC; and the avoidance of double taxation.
The ultimate goals of the EEC for non-life insurance business are enshrined in the Third Non-Life Directive, which will be gradually implemented in EEC countries over a five-year period beginning in 1994.
Taking into account that there are numerous languages spoken among its member states, the EEC requires that food labels be written in the language of the country in which the product is sold.
EEC specializes in product engineering-particularly in metallurgical design and analysis-by using the latest computer-aided design techniques, according to Joseph D.
The fifteen main headings in the book are: Currencies and the EEC budget; Key EEC prices; Population and land utilisation; Dairy farming; Production, deliveries and the quota system; Milk utilisation; Prices; Structure of the milk processing industry; Liquid milk and fresh milk products market; Milk products; Trade in milk and milk products; Consumption of liquid milk and milk products; The EEC and the rest of the world; and Administrat ve information on the EEC and national organisations.
This is particularly true in the EEC, where insurers and brokers will be able to deal across the entire European continent without respect to national boundaries or any form of regulation other than that of the EEC.
My theme is the relationship between the work of the Member States of the EEC in forging the Single Market, and the Uruguay Round of multilateral trade negotiations which have now entered their fourth and final year here in Geneva.
The addition of Jayson to the EEC team will allow us to enhance our data center design, construction and consulting offerings," said Electronic Environments' President Mike Kingsley.
com)-- EEC is pleased to announce the appointment of Mike Bottiglieri as Internal Controls and Compliance Manager.
It completely ignored the fact that it is our membership of the EEC which has resulted in the higher prices in the first place, and which is unlikely to change unless the Common Agricultural Policy is scrapped.
DRINKERS who down a glass of medium-sweet wine labelled Calon Lan are imbibing a product which is being sold in defiance of EEC bureaucrats.
The medium class was won by Joanne Ivimey from Desert Palm and her horse Archimedes, with second and third place going to Karin Lindbom and her horse Mer Mer, and Tracy Gill on the mare Picarda respectively u both riders from EEC.