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a television system that has more than the usual number of lines per frame so its pictures show more detail

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Like EDtv, the film denies DeGeneres any semblance of a sex life--except for an oddly heated moment with femme fatale Patricia Arquette during an interrogation scene.
Additionally, when booking a meeting or event worth $20,000 or more, planners receive an LG EDTV monitor with 20-inch flat screen.
The 42-inch EDTV plasma model KE-42M1 is slated to ship to big-box electronics retailers, specialty audio/video retailers and mass merchants by July, Block said.
EDTV, in cooperation with Jibe and EmpireDRM, will provide a live- demonstration of the new Secure Entertainment Service Portal featuring Master P, EDTV's lead ESP Artist, during the Digital Media Summit, March 26th, 2003, at The Universal Hilton, Los Angeles, Ca.
Best Buy: Daewoo 42-inch plasma widescreen flat-panel EDTV, 3.
Leslie Raymer, EDTV Director of Marketing, stated, "We are in the process of implementing the first phase of stage one of our marketing campaign.
Compatibility with EDTV (480p) progressive scan DVD players, along with an advanced processor with reverse 3:2 pull down and 4H adaptive comb filter combine to provide optimum performance for viewing video entertainment.
EDTV either creates or takes control of a celebrity's Internet based, Website fan club at no cost to the celebrity.
Eight user-selectable video sources allow for impressive connectivity to a full range of devices, including VCRs, DVDs, component and RGB HDTV, EDTV, standard TV and computers.
The 2003 PDP line includes two 60-inch widescreen HDTV monitors including a high-altitude model, two 50-inch widescreen models (the integrated HDTV and an HDTV monitor), five 42-inch widescreen models (the integrated HDTV, an HDTV monitor and three EDTV (enhanced-definition television) monitors including a high-altitude model) and a 40-inch 4:3 EDTV monitor.
The V920 Video Eyewear contains two EDTV resolution (920,000 pixel) LCD screens, one in front of each eye.
Zenith's new LCD systems also include two enhanced-definition (EDTV) models, the 20-inch L20V36 LCD EDTV monitor, and the 13-inch L13V36 LCD EDTV monitor; and a 15-inch HDTV monitor (XGA with a 4:3 aspect ratio), the L15V36 LCD HDTV monitor.
New HP Flat-Panel Plasma and LCD TVs, including a 42-inch HDTV Plasma, a 42-inch EDTV Plasma, and two LCD TVs (26-inch and 30-inch).
EDTV is now preparing to launch its first ESP featuring Master P early next year.