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a television system that has more than the usual number of lines per frame so its pictures show more detail

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True to schmaltzy Hollywood form, Cynthia eventually has a change of heart, and EDtv turns warm and fuzzy.
Howard moves along EDtv in glides and near-invisible cuts, which shuttle you fluently between the action inside the TV set and events outside; and with each crossover, he provides a small jolt of recognition.
Studios have sent in films such as Matthew McConaughey's EDtv, which has already opened in the States to mixed reviews; Limbo, with David Strathairn as a haunted Alaskan fisherman who finds love with Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio; and Tim Robbins' The Cradle Will Rock, a period piece about New York theatre in the 30s with a large ensemble cast that includes John and Joan Cusack, Bill Murray and Susan Sarandon.
The single is also the prime track for the soundtrack of EDtv, the new Ron Howard film.
For consumers seeking to buy an EDTV plasma without breaking the $2,000 mark, they will be in luck this season, Baker said, noting that he expects to see prices as low as $1,499, thanks to tier-two brands produced by low-cost Asian manufacturers, including Westinghouse, Maxent and Daewoo.
The front runners were unquestionably Liz Hurley and Catherine Zeta-Jones, with Hugh's squeeze hoping that her light comedy role in EDtv will give Liz more credibility than her clothes.
Last night, she was in Hollywood for the premiere of her latest film, EDtv, about a shop assistant who allows TV to film his life.
Circuit City: ESA 42-inch Widescreen Plasma EDTV, $1,999.
Texan hunk Matthew McConaughey said the British beauty blew his mind when the pair were called upon to writhe about on a table in their movie EDtv.
Research includes opinions about brand in general and specific brands; attitudes toward different types of television sets; intended place of purchase and type of television desired by those planning a purchase; areas of confusion for consumers, such as the difference between DTV, EDTV, and HDTV; and reasons why the majority have consumers are waiting to buy.