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automatic data processing by electronic means without the use of tabulating cards or punched tapes

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EDP works by a different mechanism than many current anti-cancer drugs that block angiogenesis.
The African country had talks with EDP Renovaveis for wind power projects and with water utility Aguas de Portugal (AdP) for hydro energy initiatives, as well as with other companies regarding photovoltaic projects, Benkhadra added.
The EDP report contained the following about the Jetrion 4830: "Designed for the label market, its UV-curable inks provide excellent durability; its re-registration facility enables four-color double-sided jobs to be output accurately and it has the ability to be used on pre-printed and pre-diecut rolls.
In the current study, researchers found that EDP auditors' knowledge structure of transaction flows and control objectives was positively associated with their performance in evaluating internal control weaknesses and potential financial statement errors.
Another reason cited for buying EDP policies is that they usually provide for the expense of recreating data that is a broader loss recovery basis than most property policies, which limit recovery to the cost of blank media The broader EDP media coverage may not be necessary if the software is backed up and stored offsite.
Baxter suggests that risk managers should apply some of the basic concepts of risk management to protect their companies' EDP systems from loss.
Commenting on this award, Eric Rieul, CEO of Sagemcom Energy & Telecom SAS, said: "Sagemcom is proud to be a long term technology partner to EDP, enabling EDP to fulfil its ambition for Smart Grid roll out .
SeeNews) - Nov 7, 2012 - Portuguese power utility EDP (ELI:EDP) reported yesterday a 3.
Reinforcing the partnership with EDP "falls under Sonatrach development and openness strategy to the international and confirms its commitment to activate in the most various forms, along with hydrocarbons and energy channel in Algeria and in the world," the same source said.
He later used this knowledge overseeing financial auditing and management information systems for a Fortune 500 company and then moved to the position of director of EDP auditing with a large accounting firm when the corporation relocated.
Plus] grants are awarded in conjunction with EDP advances through FHLB Dallas members, like Farmers Bank & Trust in Blytheville.
SeeNews) - Nov 7, 2012 - EDP Renovaveis (ELI:EDPR), the green energy arm of Portuguese power utility EDP (ELI:EDP), said yesterday that it had reached an agreement to sell a 49% stake in 599 MW wind farms in the USA for USD 230 million (EUR 178.