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the sending and processing of e-mail by computer

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1 EDI Source is committed to product excellence and this enhancement is yet another example of how EDI Complete is one of the most powerful EDI Translators on the market.
EDI networks are based on giving trading partners the ability to feed standardized, formatted data into separate systems on each end of the line.
In an audit of electronic records it may be important for the taxing authority to validate the taxpayer's EDI and business transaction systems.
While this report would not be binding, it would hopefully provide guidelines addressing the major issues on EDI and related processes.
The combined push by private industry and the federal government is bringing small and medium-size businesses into the EDI arena.
This fact makes the application of EDI a massive shift in information management for a company.
According to James Zamjahn, EDI policy coordinator for General Motors Corp.
EDI SmartXchange for Suppliers supports any type of EDI transaction set including purchase orders, invoices, advance ship notices, shipping schedules, routing documents, carrier instructions, etc.
Reduced to its most elemental components, EDI is computer-to-computer exchange of business information in a standard digitized format via modem.
Transaction Manager enables multiple users to simultaneously access and process EDI transactions, and includes advance scheduling and administrative utilities that make it easy to automate many common tasks while controlling employee access to critical EDI-related information and activities.
Owing to the efficiencies and economies associated with automating routine purchasing, payment, invoicing, and cash collection functions with technological solutions, EDI transactions, which produce no paper documents, have become pervasive.
EDI is the computer-to-computer exchange of business information, using standard formats that allow businesses with different software and hardware to communicate electronically.
In its early years, 1 EDI Source focused on data mapping; its first product, EDI-Max for DOS, was used in conjunction with numerous EDI translators and proved fundamental in defining the industry term "EDI Data Mapper.
May 5 /PRNewswire / -- Sterling Software's (NYSE: SSW) Interchange Software Division today announced the release of GENTRAN:Viewpoint for the AS/400, a new product that facilitates ad-hoc EDI document inquiry by users outside a company's MIS department, as well as exception based management capabilities for the EDI administrator.