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a graphical recording of the cardiac cycle produced by an electrocardiograph

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ECG stress testing systems is one of the dominating segments of the market.
One of the key factors contributing to this market growth is increased sales of portable ECG devices for home care.
ECG has conducted a required biological study and cultural survey.
Traditional hospital systems require patients to return the recorders first for data to be downloaded but as Spyder transmits ECG continuously, data analysis can begin while the patient still has the Spyder on.
Many hospital ECG monitors have full disclosure capability, allowing for storage of ECG data.
For their secondary analysis of data from this study, the investigators assessed a random sample of 2,192 subjects who had no evidence of cardiovascular disease and who underwent standard ECG at baseline and again 4 years later.
The guidance recommends performing a thorough ECG trial (TET) and if any cardiac safety concerns are raised, later phase trials will require more robust or intense ECG collection.
This was the result of ECG helping the company's management to invest in new equipment and the opening the only Middle East and North Africa (Mena) based H2S safety and general oil and gas safety services training facility.
Also, it is troubling that the authors close the article with "it is important to rule out cardiac disease in this patient before he is discharged, by means of resting 12-lead ECG, serum biomarkers, echocardiography, and so on.
An ECG records the electrical signal from the heart and is performed by placing electrodes on the chest, wrists and ankles.
In his study, Corrado found that 10 of the athletes who experienced exercise-related sudden death suffered from an abnormally thin upper right heart chamber, which may have been picked up by an ECG.
If you are taking drugs for an arrhythmia, one of the following tests will probably be used to see whether treatment is working: a 24-hour electrocardiogram (ECG) while you are on drug therapy, an exercise ECG, or a special technique to see how easily the arrhythmia can be caused.
Other ECG education and a qualifying examination are emerging as useful discriminators in some settings.
The ECG monitoring systems include rest ECG recorders, ECG stress testing systems, event recorders and Holter monitors.
the leader in FDA-cleared ECG technology for smartphones, announced today significant milestones related to patients with atrial fibrillation (AFib) using the AliveCor Mobile ECG.