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a digit representing the sum of the digits in an instance of digital data

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It features up to two Intel Xeon processors each supporting eight processing cores, 128GBof quad-channel ECC memory, two power supply options of 635W or 825W and up to an NVIDIA Quadro 5000 high-end professional graphics card and NVIDIA Tesla C2075 processor.
The HP Z620, aimed at customers in financial services, video, animation, architecture and midrange CAD, provides up to 16 processing cores, up to 96GB of ECC memory, up to 11TB of high-speed storage and up to NVIDIA Quadro 6000 or dual NVIDIA Quadro 5000 graphics.
The HP Z400 offers up to six processing cores using Intel Xeon 3500 series processors, providing up to 24 GB of ECC memory, up to 8 TB of high-speed storage and up to NVIDIA Quadro FX 4800 or dual NVIDIA Quadro FX 1800 graphics.
aggregate internal bandwidth, 16 MB of ECC memory onboard cache per CPU, an 18.
The DRSU40M2/16GB memory option consists of two 8GB capacity PC2-5300, DDR2-667 Registered ECC memory modules.
With the introduction of the X170-Extreme ECC, X150-PRO ECC and X150M-PRO ECC, users can benefit from ECC memory (Error-correcting code).
The HP Z820 offers up to 24 processing cores, up to 512 GB of ECC memory,(5) up to 15 TB of high-speed storage, and up to two NVIDIA K6000 graphics.
Memory products manufacturer Kingston Technology Company Inc announced on Wednesday (16 August) the ValueRAM DDR2 ECC and Registered ECC memory modules, its new memory technology supporting Next-Generation AMD Opteron processors from microprocessor solutions company AMD (NYSE:AMD).
The ML530 G2 uses dual interleaved, DDR SDRAM for increased performance, as well as Advanced ECC technology for additional protection over ECC memory.
The DRHXW9400/8GB memory option is a single 8GB capacity PC2-5300, DDR2-667 Registered ECC memory module.
The ZBook Studio endures 120,000 hours of testing and features numerous first-time workstation advancements, including Intel XEON CPUs with ECC memory, Thunderbolt 3, Gen 2 Z Turbo Drives, HP Sure Start client security, and an eight million color-critical pixel DreamColor 4k display.
The two servers are based on the new 64-bit Intel Xeon MP (multi processor) and offer DDR2-400 ECC memory and PCI Express I/O, delivering performance that is up to 32% higher than previous Dell four-processor offerings, according to the company.
Support for four- or eight-way, ECC memory and encrypted bit-streams provide a significant boost to the 110 family's system features.
According to Dell, the T3400 offers substantial memory and storage options, supports 800MHz ECC memory from 1-8GB, allows customers to order the system with up to four hard drives and select from SATA and SAS options and RAID configurations.