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a digit representing the sum of the digits in an instance of digital data

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Dataram's DRIM80/8192 is a 8GB upgrade consisting of eight 1GB ECC memory modules.
Kingston's ValueRAM DDR2 ECC and Registered ECC memory feature speeds of up to 667MHz, higher data bandwidths, lower power consumption and enhanced thermal performance, the company claims.
8GHz processors with 2x 2MB L2 cache and 800MHz FSB (HT off), 2GB DDR2 ECC memory, 160GB SATA 7200RPM HDD, Microsoft Windows XP Pro SP2.
LSI Logic's Unique ECC Memory Protection Core Provides Cost-Effective Soft Error Protection for the Tightly Coupled Memories of the ARM9 and ARM11 Family of Processors
Director of Marketing for congatec in the Americas, Dan Demers, said COM Express Type 10 continues to be a expanding module segment with ECC memory support further boosting the company's competitive position in applications that need this support.
Kingston's ValueRAM DDR2 ECC and Registered ECC memory technology combined with Next-Generation AMD Opteron processors offers the perfect solution for consumers demanding leading price-performance, reduced operational costs, and the best in processor and performance memory.
The two servers are based on the new 64-bit Intel Xeon MP (multi processor) and offer DDR2-400 ECC memory and PCI Express I/O, delivering performance that is up to 32% higher than previous Dell four-processor offerings, according to the company.
6GHz, an integrated 128-bit memory controller, four DIMM slots supporting up to 8GB of Dataram's ECC memory, your choice of Solaris 10, Linux or Windows XP Professional operating systems and graphics accelerators from NVIDIA, the Ultra 20 is outperforming many workstations in its class delivering excellent value:
1866MHz DDR3 ECC memory Dual AMD Fire Pro D500 with 3GB GDDR5 VRAM each
com/ ), a leading supplier of DRAM and flash memory upgrades, portable computing products, storage devices, and other personal technology solutions, is pleased to announce its DDR2 and DDR2 with ECC memory for the Apple series of computers.
Finally, the 64-bit IntelliStation POWER p630 includes up to 16GB ECC memory, 3D graphics adapter and the IBM POWER4 processor.
Performance - Intel Xeon processor, redundant gigabit Ethernet ports, DDR ECC memory, and hardware RAID guarantee maximum performance
LSI Logic's implementation of the ARM1156T2-S processor provides performance improvements over ARM9 technology-based solutions without increasing area - The LSI Logic reference design for the ARM1156T2-S processor includes the company's unique ECC Memory Protection core, providing cost-effective soft error protection
Features include Intel's Pentium III Xeon processor at speeds ranging from 667MHz to 800MHz, a 133MHz front-side bus and up to 2GB of RAMBUS ECC memory.
The ZBook Studio endures 120,000 hours of testing and features numerous first-time workstation advancements, including Intel XEON CPUs with ECC memory, Thunderbolt 3, Gen 2 Z Turbo Drives, HP Sure Start client security, and an eight million color-critical pixel DreamColor 4k display.