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surgical resection of unnecessary palatal and oropharyngeal tissue to open the airway

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Providing educational trainings to employees, supervisors and staff on the role of EAP issues across the health continuum and their effects on work.
Brant began working with EAP in 2009; prior to that she was the lead teacher in an ABA classroom in the Georgia public school system.
The benefit of an EAP, for employers, is to keep their employees productive as they face those personal and professional challenges.
Add EAP educational credentials to your provider status.
The 1988 DOL survey found that the communication and public utilities industries had the highest EAP coverage for employees (76%), low rates were found in the construction industry (11%), retail trade (17%), and wholesale trade (18%).
Unlike using insurance for mental health services, where the employer knows who has voluntarily accessed services and what the diagnosis is, EAP services are completely confidential.
IBM had another incentive for performing clinical reviews of EAP services.
Any omissions and/ or errors are corrected until the EAP is accepted by FDNY.
Risk managers should first determine if the organization has retained the services of an EAP, then evaluate whether the EAP's scope of services can handle a disaster such as Katrina and, lastly, partner with the EAP vendor to review disaster and continuity plans.
Of course, cost matters, but the cost of EAPs is not unreasonable, being roughly $30 to $40 per employee.
The relative stability of the EAP region has allowed democracy to take hold in many areas, including South Korea, the Philippines, Mongolia, Thailand, and Taiwan as well as many Pacific Island states.
127-2(i) provides that an employee receiving payments under a qualified EAP must be prepared to provide substantiation such that it is "reasonable to believe that the payments or reimbursements made under the program constitute educational assistance.
EAP Release 3 delivers an integrated set of analytic applications and comprehensive business processes required by business managers:
What disturbs Jorgensen is the number of EAP firms that promise services with providers they don't even have contracts with or offer programs that anyone could find in the local yellow pages.
A unique data set that combines individual-level information on EAP utilization, demographic information, and health insurance claims from 1991 to 1995 for all employees of a large midwestern employer.