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Then, up until April 15th, only end-user customers (vendors were carefully screened out) were permitted to vote only once (multiple votes were also screened out) for their favorite Enterprise Information Integration (EII) and EAI vendors, based on these criteria.
We awarded EAI this episode because we were impressed with the company's previous experience in creating exceptionally realistic 3D animation and we know that their team is ready, willing and able," said Farino.
In addition, EAI pioneered the coloring technology that allows the application of colors, patterns and textures to flat 2D outlines that instantaneously spring into 3D colored scenes that come to life on the screen.
In addition to titles published on CD-ROM, EAI also creates custom interactive programs for the World Wide Web, visitor centers, museums and corporate clients.
EAI is a leading producer of enterprise-wide product data visualization and collaboration software solutions, and of interactive products created for corporations and publishers to use in education, game development, litigation and corporate marketing.
ZettaWorks' core focus is to support corporations leveraging EAI, Business Process Management (BPM), and Business Activity Monitoring (BAM) to enhance business processes and strategic intents.
EAI also announced today that eight current and former school administrators and teachers are conducting a student-by-student performance evaluation of the 8,100 children attending the EAI-run elementary schools.
EAI said that student test scores from March last year cited in the AFT study were not relevant since EAI had not even implemented its full instructional strategies until after March.
EAI and Web Services systems have achieved significant business benefits in a number of commercial verticals but to date remain an enigma within Financial Services.
EAI) (NASDAQ: EAIN) announced today that Baltimore's Board of Estimates has approved a five-year management contract for EAI to provide management services to William H.
Many EAI systems need services that cost ten times as much as the packaged software to implement the system.
Each unit consists of one share of EAI Common Stock, one Class A Warrant entitling the holder to purchase one share of EAI Common Stock at $1.
EAI Industry Consortium Awards First Place to White Paper Revealing the Effects of Regulations and Technology on Today's Supply Chains
We're deeply disturbed by what we've seen since EAI signed a contract to run these schools," says Baltimore City Teachers Association President John Brown, "and we believe other districts should think twice before signing away their schools.