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the simplest amino acid found in proteins and the principal amino acid in sugar cane

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Engineers will gain a greater understanding of the benefits gained from using an FPGA-based solution for peripheral expansion, and receive a detailed technical overview for each of the reference design components, including Intel Atom E640 processor, the Xilinx Spartan-6 FPGA PCIe card, and the Emerson Network Power Nano-ITX motherboard.
We are excited to have the opportunity to showcase our new Nano-ITX embedded motherboard based on the latest Intel Atom E640 processor at these events.
NYSE: AVT), announces the availability of the Nano-ITX/Spartan-6 FPGA Development Kit, based on the Intel[R] Atom[TM] E640 Processor and Xilinx Spartan-6 FPGA.
has selected the Thales AC12, GPS carrier phase receiver board, for the Unistrong E640 survey and GIS collection system.
Wright, the Group's president and COO, noted "during his tenure as COO and latterly as CEO, Pat has overseen Europe's development as an effective market leader with total sales of E640 million in 1993 to E2.