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a salt or ester of pyrophosphoric acid

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But, given the 20:1 liability-capital ratio in the banking sector, this approach implies that the funding requirements will become astronomical: compared to a E450 billion bill if potential losses remain undisclosed and dispersed, E9 trillion in debt guarantees would be needed to ensure the stability of the eurozone's banking system.
The Balance Hybrid Electric is integrated on Ford's E450 Cutaway and Strip Chassis drive system managing the conventional 5.
0 Gigoset telephones includes models E450, $450 and $455, which feature call forwarding, caller ID, call waiting ID, redial, call back and the ability to set up three-way conference calls at the push of a button.
But by lunchtime yesterday, after a week negotiating, Cork City and Fulham were close to agreeing terms on O'Donovan's transfer - which will see the Leesiders pocket E450,000 initially and then an extra E350,000 in appearance-related add-ons.
In an effort to sweeten the clubs they are offering financial incentives by increasing the prize money from E450,000 to E800,000 - a pittance compared to the money they've wasted on dodgy decisions over the years.
The new presetter line includes models E238, E450, E348, E458 and E578.
Venue Abama GC, Tenerife Prize money E450,000 (pounds 320,000) with E75,000 (pounds 53,660) to winner Length 6,857 yards; Par 71; Field 132 Course characteristics Opened this year and designed by Dave Thomas of Belfr y fame in conjunction with Melvin Villaroel, this short, far-from-flat resort course carries spectacular views of the Atlantic from its position on the hillside of the Teide, the highest mountain on Spanish soil Past winners taking part David Gilford (at Golf del Sur, 1994), Jarmo Sandelin (at Maspalomas, 1995) Place your bets By close of business tonight Weather Clear and moderately warm for first day's play but scattered clouds on Friday.
Those include the 2004 and 2005 models of F-Series Super Duty pickups, the Ford Excursion SUV and E350 and E450 vans.
According to UQM, the propulsion system has been integrated into the driveline on a Ford E450 chassis manufactured by the tier one supplier.
Raising agent: E450 disodium disphosophate, E500 sodium bicarbonate, E341 monocalcium phosphate.
According to BAF, it will continue to produce a Ford E450 cutaway with the 6.
The ethernet E450 incorporates the layer 7 capabilities added to Equalizer this summer, which include cookie-based persistence, cookie stuffing, and URL load balancing.
Test results have shown that the new eTrust Directory can sustain a throughput of over 2,100 searches/sec on a 400MHz Sun E450 server.
E450 or polyphosphates plumps up low quality cuts of meat to make them appear juicy but it can unbalance the calcium/phosphorus ratio in the body.
The L-Class fits in the company's Unix product portfolio above the A- and D-Class machines and below the N- and V-Class ones, competing directly with Sun's E250 and E450 servers.