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a yellow phospholipid essential for the metabolism of fats

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I have checked my product range as Mr McDougall recommends and of the seven E numbers listed, E322 and E471 are emulsifiers included in our raw ingredients, such as margarine.
E322 or lecthin is derived from eggs and soya to combine oil and water.
The feature-rich 32-inch E322, 42-inch E422, 46-inch E462 and 55-inch E552 models are second generation products that aim to provide a cost-effective digital signage solution for conference rooms, retail stores, waiting rooms and corporate lobbies.
The emulsifier E322 - lecithin - is extracted from soya beans, vegetable seeds and, less commonly, egg yolks.
Glucose syrup, Water, Citric acid E330, Synthetic flavouring, Artificial sweetener sodium saccharin, Preservative sodium benzoate E211, Colour carmoisine E322.