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Synonyms for tocopherol

a fat-soluble vitamin that is essential for normal reproduction

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Over a period of 3 days, four repeat analyses of the DNA fragment for SNP G308E showed that the signal ratios were in the range 5-79 (green:red) for G308 and 6-13 (red:green) for E308, demonstrating positive identification of the genotypes.
In addition to the total and specular reflectance tests, industry engineers also evaluated materials under consideration for distinctness of image, 15-degree reflected haze, color metrics (CIE "LAB", yellowness index ASTM D1925) and ASTM standards E308 and E430.
Taking into account long-term deposits of E308 million, the Company had net financial debt at end March 2000 of E831 million leading to a ratio of net debt/market capitalisation of 14% and a gearing of 41%.
Mono-Coat E308 is said to be an effective sealer for monolithic graphite tooling, and Mono Sealer 711 is reportedly an especially effective protective coating for conventional plastic tooling.